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As an undergraduate student majoring or minoring in psychology, you will hear how the renowned theorists of the human condition attempted to unravel the mysteries of our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings: where they succeeded and where they failed. Questions of development, learning, cognition, psychophysiology, personality, adjustment, and maladjustment will be asked. You will learn to think critically and make reasonable decisions about who we are, why we do what we do, and how best to adjust our behaviors.

The undergraduate program offers approximately 30 courses divided into four levels: 100-level courses are introductory; 200-level courses represent psychology courses designed to be of interest to majors and non-majors alike; 300-level courses provide skills and knowledge for undertaking research and/or applied psychology; and 400-level courses consist of advance coverage of the central theories and empirical findings of psychology.

Exciting opportunities exist for you to learn; all that remains is for you to accept the challenge.