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The Academic Discovery Program (ADP), a special admissions program at
La Salle University, provides free support services for students whose records indicate that they could benefit from extra academic assistance and who also meet certain criteria of financial need.

Partially funded by Pennsylvania Act 101, the ADP helps students develop good study habits, establish clear career goals, and compete successfully in the academic setting. Students who are selected to participate in the Academic Discovery Program must attend a free pre-college summer program before their freshman year, taking courses in mathematics, composition, study skills, and critical thinking. During this time, ADP students participate in classes, workshops, and individual tutoring sessions geared to strengthening their writing, mathematics, reading, and study skills. Students also participate in individual and group counseling sessions intended to increase self-confidence, improve study habits, and clarify career goals.

During the academic year, students take courses from the standard curriculum, but are assigned a counselor, tutors, and an academic advisor to support them in their efforts. As much as possible, each student's program is tailored to his or her individual needs.

ADP students presented a cultural festival at the
end of the Summer 2003 session.