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What Our Graduates Say

"The ADP was a supportive and motivating program that assisted me in reaching a long-awaited goal. Through the caring and expertise of the staff, I became more self-directed and self-disciplined, qualities which have been an asset in both my personal and professional life"

--Dee Phillips, M.Ed., Reading Specialist for the Phila School District

"The ADP was my helping hand at La Salle. Without the program, I would not have stayed in college. Thanks to the ADP staff, today I am a successful businessman with my own business"

--Tom Brown, Owner, Advanced Business Systems

"The ADP enabled me to have a rewarding college career. Both the counseling and tutoring services give students an academic edge"

--Cyd Gaskins, Accountant

"The ADP provided me with the encouragement and motivation to excel not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom"

--Rafael Fernandez, Commutations Analyst, CIGNA