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Pre-College Summer Program: All students accepted by ADP attend a free, seven-week, credit-bearing program during the summer preceding their first college semester. During this time, ADP students participate in classes, workshops, and individual tutoring sessions geared to strengthening their writing, mathematics, reading, and study skills. Students also participate in individual and group counseling sessions intended to increase self-confidence, improve study habits, and clarify career goals.

Academic Advising: ADP staff members assist students in planning their academic programs. The Coordinator of Tutorial Services meets with each ADP student at least twice a semester to review the student's academic progress, refer him or her to appropriate tutoring or counseling services, clarify requirements of the La Salle curriculum, and help the student select courses for the coming semester.

Tutoring Services: Free tutoring, conducted by both faculty and peer tutors, is available to all ADP students in the basic skills (reading, writing, and mathematics) as well as in content areas (accounting, psychology, economics, philosophy and the like). Each student's tutorial program is tailored to meet his or her individual needs.

Counseling Services: Free counseling (both group and individual) and referral services are provided throughout the year by the ADP counselor. Students can also take advantage of the free services offered by La Salle's Counseling Center.