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Faculty Profile


Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders


St. Benilde Tower 2202

Dr. Evelyn R. Klein is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at La Salle and a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and licensed psychologist with post-doctoral training in neuropsychology. She is a Board Certified Specialist in Child Language from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and became an ASHA Fellow in 2009. Dr. Klein also holds Supervisory Certification in Special Education from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In 2011 she received the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award from La Salle, and in 2012 she was awarded the Pennsylvania Clinical Achievement Award from the Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Dr. Klein teaches, supervises, and advises undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree in speech-language pathology. Her areas of specialization include selective mutism, autism spectrum disorders, language-learning disabilities, acquired language disorders, stuttering, and counseling for communicative disorders. Recent research includes assessment practices and treatment efficacy for selective mutism, working memory and early literacy, and cognitive behavioral therapy as a treatment modality for people who stutter. She is also an editorial reviewer for Contemporary Issues in Communication Sciences and Disorders and the Journal of Fluency Disorders.

As a practicing clinician, Dr. Klein continues to evaluate and treat children, teens, and adults with communication disorders. Active in research, she investigates speech and language skills in children with selective mutism. As part of her research agenda, she mentors undergraduate and graduate students, presenting at annual conventions, regionally and nationally. Recent publications include Focus On Function (2nd ed.) and Focus On Transition (two therapeutic programs for individuals with aphasia and cognitive-linguistic deficits),  Hear It, Say It, Learn It (a children’s program for developing language and literacy), and co-author of a best-selling textbook Acquired Language Disorders: A Case-based Approach, in its 2nd edition. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Child language disorders
  • Anxiety and communicative disorders
  • Selective mutism
  • Stuttering
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Acquired language disorders
  • Counseling and communication disorders


  • Post-doctoral fellowship in Clinical Neuropsychology – Drexel University in connection with Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital (previously with Jefferson University Hospital)
  • Ph.D.–Educational Psychology, Temple University
  • M.A.–Speech-Language Pathology, The College of New Jersey
  • B.S.–Speech Pathology and Audiology, Pennsylvania State University


  • Licensed Psychologist (Pennsylvania – current)
  • Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist (Pennsylvania - current)
  • Certified Specialist in Child Language (BCS-CL from ASHA)
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine)
  • Pennsylvania Supervisory Certification in Special Education
  • Advanced Professional Certificate in Clinical Neuropsychology, Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in Speech/Language Pathology from ASHA
  • Pennsylvania School Certification: Teacher of Speech-Language Impaired


  • COSD 102: Introduction to Communication Disorders
  • COSD 513: Acquired Language Disorders
  • COSD 514: Language Learning Disabilities in School-Age Children and Adolescents
  • COSD 516: Clinical Practicum and Procedures
  • COSD 518: Research Design in Communication Disorders
  • COSD 528: Counseling in Communication Disorders
  • COSD 530: Seminar in Assessment of Communication Disorders
  • COSD 616: Advanced Clinical Practicum and Case Study
  • COSD 618: Communication and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • COSD 635: Integrative Capstone in Communication Disorders


Klein, E. R., Armstrong, S. L., Skira, K., & Gordon, J. (2016). Social communication anxiety treatment (S-CAT) for children and families with selective mutism: A pilot study. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, online, 1-19. Doi: 10.1177/1359104516633497

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SMG Connection Cultivation Email. Website:

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Mancinelli, J, & Klein, E.R. (2014). Acquired language disorders: A case-based approach (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Plural Publishing.

Roberts, J.A., Scott, K.A., & Klein, E.R. (2010). New directions in fostering early literacy development.  In Michael Shaughnessy (Ed.), Reading in 2010:  A comprehensive review of a changing field. (Chp. 3). New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Presentations (2013-2016)

Klein, E.R., & Armstrong, S. L. (2016, April). Assessing speech and language in selective mutism. Presentation at SMart Center Selective Mutism ‘In the Schools’ Conference. Cherry Hill, NJ.

Klein, E.R., Ruiz, C.E., & Armstrong, S.L. (2016, April). New methods for assessing verbal abilities and laryngeal tension in children with selective mutism and treatment techniques for vocal control. Presentation at Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). Philadelphia, PA.

Klein, E.R. & Armstrong, S.L. (2016, March).  Assessing for speech-language weaknesses in children with selective mutism and innovative speech-language interventions. Selective mutism proficiency program (SMPP): Expert training workshop presented at Florida International University. Miami, FL.

Klein, E.R., Ruiz, C.E., & Armstrong, S.L. (2016, January). Selective mutism assessment and therapeutic considerations in the schools. Presentation at Delaware County Intermediate Unit in connection with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Morton, PA.

Ruiz, C.E., & Klein, E.R. (2015, October). Vocal control in selective mutism: From vocalizations to verbalizations. Paper presented at the Selective Mutism Group – Childhood Anxiety Network. Philadelphia, PA.

Klein, E.R. & Basketbill, I. (2015, May). Staying ahead of the ASD game: Communication transitions. Paper presented at the Autism Conference: Building Bridges through Self-Advocacy across the Lifespan. Philadelphia, PA.

Mancinelli, J.M., & Klein, E.R. (2014, November). Using the acquired language disorders target model for case study and treatment. Paper presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention. Orlando, FL.

Armstrong, S.L., & Klein, E.R. (2014, November). Variations among children with selective mutism: Increasing awareness for treatment. Paper presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention. Orlando, FL.

Randone, D., Holden, E., Klein, E.R., & Luckhurst, J. (2014, November). Parental decision-making for cochlear implantation. Poster presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention. Orlando, FL.

Ruiz, C., & Klein, E.R. (2014, November). Vocal control in selective mutism: A promising treatment approach. Poster presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention. Orlando, FL.

Armstrong, S.L., & Klein, E.R. (2014, October). Why do we need to pay attention to speech and language abilities in young children with selective mutism? Paper presented at the Selective Mutism Group - Childhood Anxiety Network, Chicago, IL.

Klein, E.R. (2014, April).  Autism Spectrum Disorders: Law & Advocacy.  Presentation at the Annual Autism Conference: Building Bridges for Transitions and Risk Management. Philadelphia, PA.

Klein, E.R., & Armstrong, S.L. (2013, November).  Social communication anxiety treatment (S-CAT) for children with selective mutism: A research study. Poster presentation at the Selective Mutism Group ~Childhood Anxiety Network Annual Conference, Berkeley, CA. 

Klein, E.R., Armstrong, S.L., Spillman-Kennedy, D., Kushner, R., Gordon, J., & Gerber, C.(2013, April). Innovative methods for assessing and promoting social communication in children with selective mutism. Paper presentation at the New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention. Long Branch, NJ.

Klein, E.R. & Amster, B.A. (2013, April). Adapting a modified cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program for children who stutter. Paper presentation at the Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention. Harrisburg, PA.

Professional Activities

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Member - La Salle University

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
Topic expert on selective mutism providing guidance & advocacy to ASHA

Selective Mutism Association (SMA) – Childhood Anxiety Network 
Scientific Advisory Board (SAA), PA State Coordinator

Honors and Awards

LADDER (La Salle Autism and Developmental Disabilities Education and Resources) Community Connections Service Award for dedication to special needs children and their families.

Board Certified Specialist in Child Language (BRS-CL), American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Pennsylvania Clinical Achievement Award, Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, a Salle University

ASHA Fellow, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association