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I. A. President's Welcome

Dear Student,

Welcome to La Salle! We are so glad to have you in our community. You’ll find that La Salle is much more than a learning institution—we’re a community that shares deep respect for each individual here. This core value is central to the educational tradition of La Salle, which carries on the legacy St. John Baptist de La Salle and the Christian Brothers teaching order he founded in 17th century France.

We’re committed to your development not just as a student, but as a whole person. La Salle is especially designed to help you actively engage with your education, in the classroom and beyond our campus. You’ll find enriching experiences through the University’s clubs, sports, organizations, internships, and community service, as well as the surrounding city of Philadelphia.

As you connect with life at La Salle, you’ll likely learn a lot about yourself, your talents, and your abilities. It is our hope that you’ll flourish in new ways as you stretch and challenge yourself in your studies.

If you want to develop the skills to make a lasting impact on contemporary social, political, professional, and moral challenges, you’ve come to the right place. Embracing La Salle’s community prepares you for a lifetime of world-changing opportunities.

Use the resources in this handbook to make the most of connecting and growing with our community.

With warm wishes and confidence in your exciting new journey,

Colleen M. Hanycz, Ph.D.











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I. B. Division of Student Affairs Leadership Team Welcome

Division of Student Affairs
Leadership Team

Dear Lasallian,

No factor plays a stronger role in student learning than the active involvement of the learner in the educational enterprise. A student’s surest routes to achieving active involvement flow from the establishment and maintenance of strong, lasting, and positive associations with members of the faculty, staff, and administration and with fellow students.

This book is your guide to establishing those associations.

We believe you will find in our Lasallian community, as we have, individuals and groups from and with whom you will actively learn and whose learning you will enhance, as well. We welcome you, we look forward to many years of association, and we ask God and St. John Baptist de La Salle to bless and guide you and all in our learning community.

Best regards and have a wonderful year at La Salle!

Dawn Meza Soufleris, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs/
Dean of Students
Alan Wendell
Alan B. Wendell
Senior Associate Dean of Students
Anna Melnyk
Anna Melnyk Allen
Associate Dean of Students
  Robert Kinzler
Br. Robert J. Kinzler, FSC
University Ministry and Service
For more information regarding the Division of Student Affairs and available resources and services, please go to: www.lasalle.edu/studentaffairs

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II. A. Academics

II. B. Directories

II. C. Have A Question?

II. D. Student Organizations

II. E. Division of Student Affairs

II. F. Procedures for Dealing with Acts of Discrimination

II. G. Sexual Misconduct

III. A. The Affirmation

III. B. University Governance

III. C. Community Standards

III. D. Discrimination & Harassment

III. E. General Student Policies

III. F. Student Media Policies

III. G. Residential Community Information And Standards

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III. H. Off Campus Community Standards

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