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Our Mission

Together and by association, the people of the La Salle University Division of Student Affairs pledge to build, sustain, and enhance a community focused on student learning. We will develop, implement, evaluate, and improve programs and services that fulfill our responsibilities to our students and our University. We will be guided and inspired by systematically assessed needs, the highest professional standards, and our heritage and responsibilities as educators in the traditions of Catholic higher education, St. John Baptist de La Salle, and the Christian Brothers.

Our Responsibilities to Our Students and Our University

1. Administrative Services. We will effectively manage all divisional facilities and resources, including our student residences, the La Salle Union, and all divisional offices and locations.

2. Community Development. We will promote and support high standards for conduct in our community and we will actively identify and mentor student leaders, encourage and support involvement in student organizations, effectively train and develop our staff, and provide strong programs of welcome and transition for new students.

3. Counseling and Health Services. We will provide effective health programs and services, personal counseling and crisis intervention, and alcohol and other drug education for our students, and we will assist our students and alumni with all appropriate aspects of career planning and development, including campus recruitment programs, internships, and cooperative education.

5. University Life. We will lead and facilitate cultural, recreational, and social celebrations, ceremonies, and events for the University community, advise our multicultural and international students and our faculty and staff who work to bring multicultural and international elements to student learning and collaborate with faculty and staff in the implementation of the Core Curriculum.

6. University Ministry and Service. We will provide experiences that expand horizons, invite exploration, engender growth, and challenge assumptions - inspiring members of our community to investigate, incarnate, and celebrate both our religious heritage and informed citizenship in the 21 st century world. We will encourage involvement in experiences designed to enhance spiritual life and to fulfill the gospel call to justice, promote and coordinate community service and service learning, invite active participation in celebrations of the Eucharist and other sacraments, support sharing in all appropriate liturgical ministries, and provide educational services to our neighboring communities.

Our Vision

We will - individually and collectively, formally and informally - advise student groups and organizations, mentor individual students, support the University's standards of conduct, model the positive behaviors expected of academic community members, promote high expectations for educational excellence, and advocate for all students, especially those from underrepresented populations. We will be sensitive to community diversity and locus of student residence as we plan and implement all of our programs and services. Our work also will reflect our attention to the spiritual elements of Catholic university life and to potential impacts on our neighbors in the surrounding communities. We will actively collaborate with all other members of our University, local, and professional communities in the fulfillment of our responsibilities.

July, 2010