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Our Mission

Together and by association, the people of the La Salle University Division of Student Affairs pledge to build, sustain, and enhance a community focused on student learning. We will develop, implement, evaluate, and improve programs and services that fulfill our responsibilities to our students and our University. We will be guided and inspired by systematically assessed needs, the highest professional standards, and our heritage and responsibilities as educators in the traditions of Catholic higher education, St. John Baptist de La Salle, and the Christian Brothers.

Our Responsibilities to Our Students and Our University

1. Administrative Services. We will effectively manage all divisional facilities and resources, including our student residences, the La Salle Union, and all divisional offices and locations. We will support students, the division and the broader University community by providing and delivering housing services, reservation and marketing services, and technology and web-based services. We will also provide administrative leadership and management in support of a wide range of initiatives that will benefit our students, the division and the University as a whole.

2. Community Development. We will promote and support high standards for conduct in our community. We will actively identify and mentor student leaders, encourage and support involvement in student organizations, effectively train and develop our staff, and provide strong programs of welcome and transition for new students.

3. Counseling and Health Services. Counseling and Health Services provides health care, personal counseling, crisis intervention, and alcohol and other drug intervention and education for all full-time La Salle University undergraduate students and residential graduate students. In addition, Counseling and Health Services supports the La Salle University Peer Educators, a student group trained to heighten awareness among their peers about relevant social health issues.

Student Counseling Center:
The mission of the Student Counseling Center is to support students in realizing their educational goals by helping them resolve problem areas that may be interfering with these accomplishments. Typical concerns of students who present themselves at the Student Counseling Center include: depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, family problems, eating disorders, adjustment to living away from home, developmental issues, and substance misuse.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center:
The mission of the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center (AODEC) is to educate the La Salle community about the realities of alcohol and other drug use, provide accurate information about psychoactive substances, assist students in the assessment of the risks associated with their usage of alcohol or other drugs, and provide referral and/or treatment for problems associated with misuse. Typical student concerns can range from uncertainty about the decision to drink or abstain, to the impact of alcohol and other drugs in daily life, to personal issues about the use of alcohol and/or other drugs or use by a family member or friend.

Student Health Center:
The mission of the Student Health Center is to maintain optimum physical and emotional health of the La Salle University student body through the provision of quality, accessible, comprehensive, and cost-effective health care. The Student Health Center also promotes healthy behavior and lifestyle choices through on-going educational outreach and programming.

4. Career and Employment Services. We will provide effective programs and services that support the personal and professional development of students and alumni in preparation for a meaningful and fulfilling life after graduation. Our primary areas of focus include employer relations, support for and promotion of all forms of Experiential Learning, delivery of career fairs, workshops, networking events, mentoring opportunities, and one-on-one career-related counseling.

5. University Life. We will lead and facilitate cultural, recreational, and social celebrations, ceremonies, and events for the University community, advise our multicultural and international students and our faculty and staff who work to bring multicultural and international elements to student learning and collaborate with faculty and staff in the implementation of the Core Curriculum.

Multicultural and International Center:
The mission of the Multicultural and International Center is to serve as a support and resource for the advancement of cultural pluralism on campus. The center provides a wide range of services, which enhance and support the academic and personal development of students of diverse backgrounds. The center's library houses information on multicultural leadership, study abroad, articles and guides for cultural and racial awareness, and scholarship, fellowship, and internship information for students of diverse backgrounds.

The Multicultural and International Center staff provides advocacy and advisement for U.S. minority students, international students, and students interested in studying abroad. They also work with students, faculty, and staff in matters of cross-cultural or intra-racial relations and to promote multicultural and international education.

The Multicultural and International Center is committed to working with the entire campus community to improve awareness of, and appreciation for, racial and cultural diversity in the University and beyond.

Student Programming Center:
The mission of the Student Programming Center (SPC) is to promote student involvement, student programming, and student awareness of campus involvement. The SPC works with students, student organizations, and campus partners to insure exceptional programming experiences. The staff of the Student Programming Center provides assistance with contracting, utilizing funding allotments, and program publicity. The SPC provides a learning environment for students to hone programming skills with effective mentorship by staff. Resources available include: student organization listings, funding opportunities for programming (Funding Board and Activities Programming), program development tools, in

6. University Ministry and Service. We will provide experiences that expand horizons, invite exploration, engender growth, and challenge assumptions - inspiring members of our community to investigate, incarnate, and celebrate both our religious heritage and informed citizenship in the 21st century world. We will encourage involvement in experiences designed to enhance spiritual life and to fulfill the gospel call to justice, promote and coordinate community service and service learning, invite active participation in celebrations of the Eucharist and other sacraments, support sharing in all appropriate liturgical ministries, and provide educational services to our neighboring communities.

Our Vision

We will - individually and collectively, formally and informally - advise student groups and organizations, mentor individual students, support the University's standards of conduct, model the positive behaviors expected of academic community members, promote high expectations for educational excellence, and advocate for all students, especially those from underrepresented populations. We will be sensitive to community diversity and locus of student residence as we plan and implement all of our programs and services. Our work also will reflect our attention to the spiritual elements of Catholic university life and to potential impacts on our neighbors in the surrounding communities. We will actively collaborate with all other members of our University, local, and professional communities in the fulfillment of our responsibilities.

August, 2014