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Resources and Services

The Commmunity Coordinator for Off-Campus and Commuter Students is an advisor and liaison for students who commute from home or live in off-campus apartments or houses. As a part of the off-campus community, the Coordinator for Off-Campus and Commuter Students also works to provide University resources to off-campus and commuter communities. The Coordinator also works with students to help mediate landlord or neighborhood concerns and to advocate for commuter and off-campus needs.

The Commuter and Off-Campus Student Association (CAOS) plans social and educational activities so that students may become involved, meet one another, and be connected to campus. Look for upcoming meetings in the fall. The Community Coordinator for Off-Campus and Commuter Students advises CAOS. To become involved, contact the Brother Augustine Center.

The La Salle Union contains three locations designed to meet some of the needs of commuter students.
- A TV lounge, in room 121
- A game room, on the lower level

University Expectations and Policies

The University wants to promote positive relationships between students and other neighbors. The Community Coordinator for Off-Campus and Commuter Students works closely with our Neighborhood Liaison to meet the needs of students and neighbors. Students are expected to learn the norms of the community in which they reside and to foster positive relationships with neighbors. When an incident occurs off campus, Community Development staff members are notified by Security or other individuals. The Resident Director on duty and/or the Coordinator on call decides whether immediate response is necessary. If not, the Community Coordinator for Off-Campus and Commuter Students will contact the student residence to gather more information and offer assistance or take disciplinary action soon afterward.