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On-Campus Employment

As an F-1 student, you are authorized to work on-campus for the duration of your studies at La Salle under the following conditions:

• During the semester, 20 hours/week

• During breaks and holidays, 20 hours+/week (over 20 hrs a week is considered full time for   immigration purposes)

• Employment may only be with offices or employers on-campus that provide services to   students or La Salle University.

• Use the following sample letter to include your contact information and give to the   Department for which you are applying:

Dear Sir or Madam:


Please be advised that I am interested in a BUDGET, student position in your department. I am available to work immediately.

During the fall semester I can work up to 20 hrs while school is in session and more than 20 hours during official breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, summer).

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.


First and Last Name

Finding a Job On-Campus

You DO NOT need prior authorization from the International Education Coordinator to work on-campus as long as you follow the requirements listed above.  At the beginning of each semester, there are usually many openings in a variety of positions on-campus.  International students only qualify for budget jobs.  Work-study jobs are only available to domestic students, so look in the column titled Budget to make sure that you qualify for the job listed there.  The following link lists many job opportunities available on-campus.

On-Campus Employment Listings

Occasionally, there are also part-time employment opportunities offered through the university.

La Salle University Employment Opportunities

If you would like to receive job experience in a certain area or discipline, we recommend you contact the specific department by phone or e-mail. Administrative Departments often employ students as Student Assistants or Interns.  Please contact them directly for job openings.

Administrative Department Phone Numbers
(from off-campus 215-951-ext.)

1084 Academic Discovery Program
1521 Academic Support-Student Athletes
1371 Administrative Services
1500 Admissions Office
1516 Athletic & Recreation Dept.
1572 Building Blocks Child Development Center
1050 Business Office
1395 Campus Store
1075 Career Services
1006 Community Center for Counseling and Psychological Services
1916 Community Development
1234 Continuing Studies Office
1017 Dean of Students
1388 Food Services
1355 Health Services
1013 Human Resources
1013 Information Technology
1578 ID/Gold Card Office
1948 Multicultural and International Center
1292 Library
1038 Mail and Duplicating
1220 Multimedia Services
5051 Neighborhood Nursing Center
1020 Registrar
1070 Student Financial Services
1540 University Advancement
1535 Alumni
1834 Annual Fund
1875 Major Gifts
1881 Planned Giving
1083 University Communications
1907 Web Office
1374 University Life
5165 Programming Center
1048 University Ministry and Service
1299 Writing Center

Off Campus Employment

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

The Multicultural and International Center (MIC) in cooperation and by association with the Academic Advisor and Career Services Office provides ongoing support to students pursing officially structured cooperative education (CO-OP), practicum or an internship. An example of a CO-OP is exemplified through LaSalle’s undergraduate Business Scholars Program. Cooperative employment at LaSalle University are fully organized and monitored through the Career Services Office ( Specific requirements must be met before an international student can commence employment under curricular practical training, and different requirements apply to undergraduate and graduate students. *Please note that the International Education Coordinator reserves the right to request additional information if certain requirements have not been satisfied.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for CPT, you should first meet with the International Education Coordinator. No employment can be authorized if any items are missing. To apply for CPT, you must make an appointment with the International Education Coordinator. If possible, prior to meeting the International Education Coordinator you should bring the official job description on company letterhead from the prospective employer. A photocopy is acceptable.

. Career Services serves as valuable resource for international students interested in   applying for suitable, bona fide employment. The Career Counselors functions in many   capacities, including as a liaison with the prospective employers to communicate university   guidelines regarding CPT and also coordinate efforts with the International Education   Coordinator and Academic Advisor/Program Director. The Career Counselor will assist with   submitting your resume, coordinate prospective employer requirements and also arrange an   interview on your behalf if the employer is interested in meeting you face to face.

. Academic Advisor/Program Director also coordinates efforts with both the Career   Counselor and International Education Coordinator.  The Advisor will be able to determine if   the job description and duties outlined by the employer meet academic policy requirements   pursuant to your program. A letter from your academic advisor recommending the   practical training experience and explaining the academic requirements that the proposed   employment will fulfill.  A guideline for Academic Advisors is attached to the complete CPT   packet.  The Advisor will also communicate directly with the Registrar’s office to ensure that   the appropriate course and credit hours correlate with the internship objectives.

We are all working together, by association to ensure the integrity of LaSalle and also the rules and regulations of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  A copy of the complete Curricular Practical Training (CPT) packet is available in both hard copy and electronic file.

Good luck on your internship search!

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Optional Practical Training (OPT) allows F-1 students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to practical work experience off campus. As an F-1 student, you may be entitled to up to 12 months of OPT, per educational level (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate). International students may engage in OPT either during or after their program is completed:

. Part-time OPT is 20 hours/week or less and full-time OPT is 20 hours/week or more

. If you engage in OPT before completion of a course of study, it will limit the amount of OPT   you are eligible for after you graduate, not to exceed a total of 12 months;

Optional practical training requires authorization from the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (CIS) which typically takes 3 months to obtain. We recommend that you apply 3-4 months before you wish to begin employment.

Eligibility Requirements

. You can apply for OPT 90 days prior and up to 60 days after your I-20 expiration date.

. Undergraduates must be enrolled for one academic year (9 months) before applying for   OPT,

. Graduate students may apply for OPT immediately if it is required by their academic   program,

. Currently be maintaining a full-time program of study and valid F-1 status; and

. Employment must be directly related to your area of study.

A job offer is not required to be eligible for or to apply for OPT, however, you MUST provide the employer information once you identify and accept the position. USCIS and SEVIS requires that we update this information on your SEVIS record. If you are uncertain whether you meet the eligibility requirements, please meet with an International Education Coordinator.

For more information regarding CPT or OPT,
download the information packets below:

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Downloadable Content

Changing Faces US Employers (PDF)