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Dear Graduate Directors and Staff Members:

Once an international student who has the required F-1 student visa is accepted into your program or will be transferring to LaSalle, you must complete and forward a request for a SEVIS I-20 to be issued.  The SEVIS I-20 Request Form for Graduate Directors should be forwarded to the International Education Coordinator along with the information listed under International Students Outside the US or International Students Transferring from another US institution:

Downloadable Forms Word Document

International Students Outside the US:

  • Student must demonstrate the ability to pay for the tuition for the current academic year (fall and spring semesters only), plus $13,000 USD for estimated living expenses and $2,000 USD for mandatory health insurance and estimated cost for books.  International students are not required to attend classes during the summer months unless otherwise required by the academic program.
  • International students in F-1 status are required to take a full time course load.  Undergraduates are required to take 12 credit hours per academic semester and Graduate students are required to take 6-9 credit hours.  Please check to be sure the student is taking enough credits. Specifically, the MBA program requires students to take a minimum of nine credit hours per academic semester.
  • All international students must complete the Certificate of Responsibility.  This form MUST accompany the ORIGINAL signature and financial statement(s) from the students account and/or the sponsor.  The financial statement must be recent and be issued within the past 5 months or less.  Note: The student must provide amount in US dollars.  Use an online currency converter if necessary: or
  • Copy of admissions application (must have student’s contact information including email, foreign address and telephone number).
  • Copy of letter of acceptance to the program.
  • Copy of standardized test like the TOEFL and GMAT/GRE/MAT.

International Students Transferring from another US institution:
The above-mentioned information must be collected in addition to the information listed below.

  • If the student is currently living in the US and will be transferring from another US institution, additional information must also be collected and forwarded to the International Education Coordinator, which includes:
    1. Copy of the F-1 visa in passport
    2. Copy of identity page in passport
    3. Copy of I-94 card (arrival/departure card)
    4. Employment Authorization Card (EAD) card, if applicable
    5. A completed Transfer From (incoming student)

Downloadable Form
Transfer Form (Incoming Student) Word Document
Once the student is admitted, the above information should be forwarded to the International Education Coordinator.  The International Education Coordinator will review the material and issue the SEVIS I-20 using an electronic database.  If the student is transferring to LaSalle, the student must advise her/his previous school of the transfer to LaSalle.  This is a very easy task for the International Student Advisor because the process is completed electronically.  Once the SEVIS record is transferred, the International Education Coordinator will be able to view the record and issue the SEVIS I-20 accordingly.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the International Education Coordinator for additional information.

Employment information pertaining to F-1 students

F-1 students are permitted to work on campus for up to 20 hours a week while school is IN SESSION and more than 20 hrs a week during OFFICIAL school breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring and summer breaks).  Students do NOT need prior authorization for ON-CAMPUS employment.

Examples of jobs ON CAMPUS include working as a Graduate Assistant (NOT Adjunct Professor), working to assist various office staff members, work in the computer lab assisting students, library, athletic department, food services, bookstore, and similar.

F-1 students are ONLY permitted to work off campus with CPT (Curricular Practical Training) or OPT (Optional Practical Training) authorization.  Please direct students to the MIC office or click here for more information.  Students are limited to working 20 hours per week while on CPT or OPT during the school year, but can work more than 20 hours per week during official school breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring and summer breaks).  OPT post-graduation must be full-time (more than 20 hours per week).  Certain restrictions apply and an application process is required.  STUDENTS CANNOT BEGIN A PRACTICUM WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION.

If a student is working without authorization, the International Education Coordinator has a legal obligation to inform the US immigration services.  Only Licensed Psychologists, Student Health Center and Clergy have privilege of confidentiality.  If an international student verbalizes his/her illegal employment, faculty and staff are instructed to communicate this conversation with the program director who will communicate with the International Education Coordinator.  A coordinated and good faith effort to address the issue with the student will take place.