Cherylyn Rush
Multicultural Education Coordinator

I look forward to walking with you during you journey through the ivy walls of the La Salle University community. Well, quite simply, my office exist in order to expand the opportunities for success for culturally diverse, traditionally under-represented populations in higher education.

What does it mean? I advocate for multicultural student concerns; work to help students perform to their highest potential, help insure students' full participation in the life of the university; and, take the lead to insure a safe and healthy environment for race relations at LSU. This is an exciting time for all of us. La Salle is recognizing and valuing how your uniqueness contributes to the whole community. Your diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs add rich variety to the environment. I encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities awaiting you.

Cherylyn Rush.

The Center is committed to working with other departments and organizations to improve awareness of, and affirmation of a racially and culturally diverse University, community and world.

Programs and Services:

Academic Monitoring and Follow-Up : Help with Time Management, Studying Techniques, etc.
Organizational Leadership Support ( A/ASIA, AASL, CCA, and OLAS )
Leadership Development
Diversity and Multicultural Training
Student Rap Sessions ( Discussions on Student Issues, Help with Organizing Open Forums )
Cultural Enrichment Committee
Educational Access Programs