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Travel and Re-Entry to the United States

Before traveling outside the United States, please make sure that the Designated School Official (DSO) signed your I-20. If not, please schedule an appointment with the International Education Coordinator before holidays, vacations, or breaks in order to do this. Also, be sure to have the following documents necessary to re-enter the United States before you depart:

Signatures are valid for 1 year

. Valid Passport
. Valid U.S. Visa (Canadians are visa exempt)
. Valid I-20 with DSO's signature
. Current proof of financial support

In case the International Education Coordinator for international students is unavailable to sign your I-20 before you leave the U.S. and your situation is EMERGENT, please contact our office for a referral to another Administrator who can assist you.

Traveling to Other Countries from the U.S.

Obviously, your F-1 visa and a valid passport from your home country allow you to travel to and from the U.S. and home, but other countries may have special rules and regulations concerning citizens from your country. Please consult an Embassy of the country you plan to visit far in advance of your departure to ensure that you will be authorized to enter. The following resources may assist you with this:

Foreign Consular Offices in the United States

Foreign Embassies in the United States

Entry into Canada and Mexico

Although the U.S. shares borders with Canada and Mexico, international students may not be automatically granted access to visit the country. When planning to travel to Canada and Mexico, please consult their embassy websites beforehand to learn of other entry requirements that may apply to you:

The Candian Embassy

The Mexican Embassy

Study Abroad and Travel Study