Employee Payroll Deduction

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Employees may purchase a Dell Inspiron or Apple MacBook Pro
and have the cost deducted from their paychecks, interest-free, spread
over 10 pay periods.

Please note that this is for Full Time Employees only.

Employees can choose from two Dell Inspiron models or one MacBook Pro
model. Each notebook carries a custom La Salle image including Microsoft Office
and McAfee Anti-Virus.

The Dell models include a $500 discount off of the retail value and well as
Microsoft Office 2013 and McAfee Anti-Virus. They include a 3 year limited warranty
standard. For an additional cost, employees may extend this warranty to include accidental damage protection.

The La Salle-specific version of the 13.3″ MacBook Pro is configured to include
Microsoft Office for Mac and McAfee AntiVirus/Spyware Protection. Free upgrades are
offered for Microsoft and McAfee products while you are a member of the La Salle

La Salle University is a designated Dell, Lenovo, and Apple repair facility, so all warranty
repairs are performed on campus.

Download and print one of the following payroll deduction forms:

Dell Notebook Payroll Deduction

Notebook Sales Form – Apple 2013

  • Complete the form. Remember to sign and date it.
  • Submit or mail the form to Olney Hall 200.
  • Please allow 24 business hours for processing after you submit the form.
  • You will be notified by email once your form has been processed. After
    you receive this email, go to the Payroll Office in the Administration
    and Finance Building for processing of your Payroll Deduction paperwork.
  • The units are built-to-order so allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Questions: Email us at  notebook@lasalle.edu

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