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Is this particular notebook required?

These notebooks are strongly recommended for students. Most of our students now choose to purchase a notebook PC or a Mac of some kind anyway, and these models have been selected because of their features, and because our combined purchasing power has resulted in an outstanding value. Standardizing on a single brand/models will allow us to provide better support for our students, as we are a designated Dell, Lenovo, and Apple repair facility.

Are there any E-coupons?

Please note that the order form has a field for an ‘e-coupon.’ There are no e-coupons for the La Salle Dell notebook, the price reflected is already the lowest one possible.

Why should I buy a $1,000 notebook PC when HP sells one for less?

There are many advantages to these systems. Many of the lesser priced competitors are low-end machines that have far fewer features. While some features, such as hard drive space and RAM, may be similar, the chassis and other parts of the computer are superior on the Dell. In general, we are convinced that our notebooks will be at least $200 to $600 cheaper than a similarly configured alternative from any other major supplier. Our notebooks are pre-configured to work in La Salle’s environment.

What are my payment options?

The billing process is handled by Dell and their processing methods. They are currently accepting all major credit cards, as well as offering a payment-plan option. Payments cannot be made through the University. La Salle Faculty/Staff members may apply for Payroll Deduction, which deducts ten equal payments from your bi-weekly University paycheck. Both ordering methods are available on the top of this page. Personal checks cannot be accepted, and the University is not involved in the handling of funds.

Are there options available?

Yes, there are many options available. Please click on the Order Now link for the notebook you are interested in to see the options available for that model.

Who is eligible to buy these notebooks?

All La Salle students (full or part time), all faculty/staff (including adjunct faculty), and La Salle alumni.

How long does it take between ordering and delivery?

For orders placed later in the summer or early fall, we estimate that you will receive the units within 2 weeks of placement of the order.

If it is not convenient for me to take my notebook to La Salle for repair, are there other options?

Yes, you can use any authorized Dell, Lenovo, or Apple repair facility.

I would like to check out the computers before I decide. Is there a demo notebook that I can see?

Yes, a demo will be available at Day ONE orientation, or by visiting our IT Department in College Hall 310 from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday.

What is the return policy for notebook orders?

All sales are final. Any returns are subject to Dell’s return policies, which may be read on their website.

I have additional questions. Who can I contact for more information?

Email us at notebook@lasalle.edu

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