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November 10, 2009

Internet Capital Group’s John Loftus Receives
La Salle University’s Information Technology Leadership Award

John Loftus, a Partner with Internet Capital Group in Wayne, Pa., received La Salle University’s Information Technology Leadership Award for both his contributions to the field and his dedication to helping students who are studying computer science and related areas.

“I became interested in technology by following my father's footsteps. He was an electrical engineer at General Electric for 31 years, and that sounded as good as anything else,” said Loftus. “While I didn't know exactly what career I wanted, I anticipated that studying technology would prepare me for any career choice. I really knew I made the right choice when I got out of school and began solving real problems with software.”

Internet Capital Group (ICG) is a public holding technology company that acquires and builds internet-related companies that help traditional industries and markets become more efficient. ICG adds value to its partner companies by providing capital, as well as strategic, operational, and management capabilities. Loftus says his role with ICG is to, “source companies with a technological competitive advantage, a large market opportunity for their product or service, and a strong management team that would benefit from ICG as a partner to help them grow.”

“I enjoy working with entrepreneurs who are much smarter than I am around their markets and customers,” said Loftus. “Building a great company is an inherently risky process and requires extraordinary people and tough capital allocation decisions. A key challenge is identifying key technology solutions that offer customers a compelling value proposition, and at a price that supports a profitable, growing business.”

In addition to GE, Loftus has worked at PECO Energy, WPL Laboratories, Breakaway Solutions, Gestalt LLC, and Safeguard Scientifics. He has more than 20 years of experience in executive management, entrepreneurship, and technology leadership, Loftus has founded, raised capital for, served in senior management positions, and served on the board of companies representing all stages of growth and situations.

Margaret McCoey, Director of the University’s graduate computer programs, said, “John Loftus is very generous with his time and energy. Besides his service when he was chair of the Computer Science Advisory Board, John has also helped us keep students informed on changes in technology. He has brought his expertise directly to the students both as a speaker and teacher. John's endless contributions to our students, to La Salle, and to this discipline demonstrate why he is so deserving of this award.”

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Ambler, Pa., Loftus now lives in Lower Gwynedd, Pa. with his wife and four children.