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Barbara Allen, Assistant Professor of History B.A. University of North Carolina M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University 215-951-951-1179

Dr. Allen’s specialty is the history of Russia since 1861 and of the USSR. Her research deals with the ways in which Russian Communist Party elites and the Soviet secret police formed early Soviet politics in a Stalinist mold.  “The political history of the USSR in the 1920s and 1930s offers lessons for those who wish to understand how the current political regime in Russia is being shaped, as a collaboration between the secret police and oligarchic forces.  Stalin's legacy is still a matter of contention in post-Soviet Russia, as the Putin and Medvedev regimes attempt to restore Russian greatness based on an interpretation of history that acclaims the Stalin-led Soviet victory in World War II over Nazi Germany and downplays Stalin's crimes against the Soviet people.  The Russian Revolutions of 1917 still inspire advocates of social change and liberation in the 21st century.”
Her publications include the chapter, “Revolution and Civil War in Russia, 1917-1921” in  Events That Changed Russia since 1855  and “Friendship in Times of Factionalism and Terror:  Aleksandr Shliapnikov and Sergei Medvedev” in Revolutionary Russia

Dr. Allen also teaches a graduate course on oral history, in which students conduct interviews with family, friends and La Salle employees. A recent project had her students interviewing veterans, and the recordings of those interviews were donated to the Library of Congress.

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