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  Seal of the De La Salle Christian Brothers (the Sign of Faith), and picture of St. John Baptist de La Salle (1651 - 1719), founder of the Brothers' congregation and person after whom many of our universities, colleges, and high schools are named.


I am a De La Salle Christian Brother. Our brotherhood is a religious congregation of men in the Roman Catholic church, dedicated primarily to teaching. An international congregation,, the Christian Brothers in the U.S. conduct many high schools, a few elementary schools and social welfare institutions, as well as the following colleges/ universities: Manhattan College, New York City, La Salle University, Philadelphia, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, St. Mary's College, Winona, MN, Lewis University, Joliet, IL, the College of Santa Fe, NM, and St. Mary's College of California.


EducationB.A., Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude, Catholic University of America, M.A.. and Ph.D., the University of Pittsburgh.


Outline of Years at LSU:

I have been at La Salle since 1960. While in my first year of full-time teaching at La Salle, I was named Director of Summer School; then, from 196l till 1969, I was Dean of the La Salle (then) College Evening Division. From May, 1969 till July, 1990, I was chief academic officer (Academic Vice President for six years and Provost, as well as Corporation Vice President, for fifteen years. I taught one course in the English department of La Salle College/ University during most of my years as an administrator.

During the 1990- 1991 academic year, I enjoyed a sabbatical at two Christian Brothers' institutions, Manhattan College and St. Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA.  Since that sabbatical, I have been a full-time faculty member in the English department of La Salle University. For about twenty-five years, my professional activities have also included serving as a member and as a chair of about fifteen Middle States Association accreditation visiting teams.

Since returning to full-time teaching, I have been working on articles on Anne Tyler's fiction ("Anne Tyler's 'New Yorker' Stories" and "Amusing Grace: Religion in the Novels of Anne Tyler"). I also am a member of the English Department Board and of the Faculty Senate of La Salle University.


Teaching Style:

 Besides 100 and 200 level courses, in recent years I have taught nineteenth and twentieth century American literature and Contemporary Poetry. In all classes, I try to emphasize close reading of texts and I try to be alert to individual responses to the readings. (It is the student's response, rather than the instructor's, that is to be worked with and developed.) I am interested also in student participation through logs (individual student responses to stories, poems, plays), questions that are to be responded to in groups, and small group presentations.

I think the amount of work I require is reasonable. At the same time, I mark papers conscientiously and, perhaps, meticulously since I believe that intelligence and maturity of mind are reflected through written work.