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July 2012 

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Please note the differences from Dr. Thomas Blum above  (I guess we're both short and thin and wear glasses, but I don't get it otherwise) (I haven't gotten this much lately; must be my rapidly greying hair)


Associate Professor of Computer Science (department of Mathematics and Computer Science), La Salle University

E-Mail: redmond@lasalle.edu  

Phone: (215) 951-1096 (it is WAY better to send me e-mail than to leave voice mail - in fact, since returning from my sabbattical I found I don't use my office phone at all)

Office: 131 Holroyd Building (Math Science and Technology Center)


I have been teaching at La Salle since May 1999. Prior to that, I taught at Rutgers-Camden (starting in 1991). This spring I am teaching:

In spring 2011 I was on sabbatical. I worked on

To see more info about my teaching background and experience See My Teaching Page. (However, all of my recent courses have been hosted on Blackboard instead of on my own web site)


I have worked on research involving Case-Based Reasoning (CBR), sometimes in combination with some other artificial intelligence areas, especially learning. I done a lot of applied work involving CBR and law enforcement.
TJ Highley and I published a paper "Empirical Analysis of Case-Editing Approaches for Numeric Prediction" in the International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences and Engineering (CISSE '09) in Fall 2009.
I also published a paper with Cynthia Line at the International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning in Norway in summer 2003: Redmond, M

Redmond, M. & Line, C. (2003). Empirical Analysis of Case-based Reasoning and Other Prediction Methods in a Social Science Domain: Repeat Criminal Victimization. In Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development; Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, Ashley, K. & Bridge, D. (eds), June 2003, Trondheim, Norway. Springer-Verlag


Because of copyrights I cannot post the paper here, but I have a picture from Norway that is

pretty awesome. I have also widened my research since coming to La Salle; my paper with Professors Tavana and Joglekar of the School of Business was published in 2007. For more info, see My Research Page.


I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Georgia Tech in 1992, completing my grand tour of the south. To see my educational background See My Education Page.

"Real World" Work Experience:

I worked for IBM in Charlotte, NC for 4+ years, and have been involved in "full life-cycle" ... See My Software Work Experience Page.


I keep learning!! Visual Basic, Java, C++, C, Pascal, Lisp, PL/I, COBOL are all languages I've spent a fair amount of time with. The only languages that ever drove me insane were APL and ML, though at this point I'd hate to have to go back to C++. Latest - Python and JavaScript. Here's my JavaScript Sandbox. (most of this stuff is not good UI :-) and having taught the course now I have a lot more interesting stuff in the Blackboard course)

Professional Affiliations:


My wife, Susan Phillips , is the Physical Chemistry Lab Coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania. It's hard to believe that she's in her 12th year at Penn. That is after 11 years at Holy Family College , in Philadelphia where she had been an Associate Professor of Chemistry. She had to leave after Jon and Cyndi left :-) Oh, and she doesn't believe in "Holy Family University"

BTW, She received her PhD from Georgia Tech in 1986, before I even started working on mine.

She is back to running since she has learned of ways to avoid pain, and finished the Philly Half Marathon in 2011 and Philly Rock and Roll Half Marathon in 2012, and the Philly Marathon in 2013. She also enjoys yoga. Alas, kickboxing, which she really enjoyed, seemed to give her tennis elbow.

We were married at a church on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, in May 1990. (Oh my, getting close to 24 years!) We tell Bryan that Georgia is his ancestral homeland.

Bryan Redmond was born in May 1994. I can't believe he's 19! He's a sophomore at Boston U this year. I think he is going to major in Economics after considering Poli Sci. He looked forward to voting for years, and voted in the primary when he was 18 and less than a week. He sent his first letter to the president in spring 2006 (about NCLB) (he actually wrote one in 2004 but didn't send it). He suddenly took an interest in international football, most specifically the English Premeir League, but also Barcelona. We don't often see signs of his previous goal anymore - to rule the world. He is back to fencing, participating in the fencing club at BU. In the summer of 2013 he spent 6 weeks in Zanzibar and is considering minoring in African Studies.

If I can brag (and it's my website, so why not?) he made the NJ state Geography Bee finals in 2008, he finished 15th in NJ in Earth Science in the Science League in 2009, and he placed 1st in Burlington County in the Merck Science Day Integrated Science test in 2010. He also won 2nd place in a local photography contest a couple years ago, and finished 2nd in a state creative writing contest sponsored by the NJ Association for Gifted Children in 2002.  

Other Interests

I like playing and watching sports, and listening to rock music. My youthful idealism has faded, I don't think I've gotten involved in politics since I left Charlotte NC way back when (well, we put up yard signs for Election 2004 and 2008). Click for more info, plus one of my favorite stories.

Citizenship: United States

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