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I am a sports fan. I always played whatever sport was in season, pick-up or organized. I haven't done any organized team sports, however, since Bryan was born (actually, since I broke my ankle playing soccer in Spring 1993, (story) ).

I am still a participant however. That running, that I used to do to get into shape for soccer, and later to avoid becomming fat, I kept it up. I used to say that I did "a little non-competitive running and swimming". However, I am very competitive - just not with the winner! :-)

2013 was a pretty good year for swimming. With no significant vacation, I had my NJ (basically the last 10 years) most days swimming (140) and most distance (232.1 miles). However, I wasn't particular fast, certainly not as fast as in 2010, when I set my personal record for the mile. But maybe I'm not too far over the hill.

Alas, the days of neighborhood "if the net isn't torn I wasn't in it" volleyball, seem to have ended, with horseshoes instead. I still, in periods of weakness, (like during the World Cup) wistfully wish I could play soccer again. Actually, come to think of it, in fall 2004 Mt Laurel United had a "parents and coaches" soccer tournament, and I emerged unhurt. I guess that's my last team sport endeavor.

I love college basketball, I'm an especially big fan of the DUKE BLUE DEVILS !! and was quite happy with the one-and-done 2015 national championship, but I got great joy over the unexpected national championship in 2010. I guess, I've gotten over my bitterness over my dissertation, since I can now root for Georgia Tech when they're not playing DUKE.

I like soccer; I went to a World Cup match in 1994, an Olympics match in 1996, two doubleheaders of Women's World Cup matches in 1999 and one doubleheader of Women's World Cup Matches in 2003, and a Copa America match in 2016. Plus, I went to the first event at the Linc - the Manchester United vs Barcelona exhibition in 2003. I wish I could tell you that I have Philadelphia Union season tickets, but alas I don't. I did get out to see them twice in 2011. Bryan and I went to the Real Madrid vs Celtic game at the Linc in summer 2012. FIFA has a nice web site www.fifa.com , which is particularly useful during qualifying (qualifying) , when newspaper info can be a little scarce. Here's hoping the US qualifies for World Cup 2018!

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