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CHARLES WILLSON PEALE is simultaneously one of Philadelphia's most notable 18th century historical figures, known for his enthusiastic paintings of the fathers of the American Revolution, as well as one of the most prominent figures to have lived on the land that is now La Salle University.

The 1810 Peale family residence known as Belfield serves today as the official residence of the Presidents of La Salle University. Special Collections maintains the connection between this building and its grounds through the Peale Family Papers consisting of thousands of family documents now kept in microform.

Learn more about Peale and his family estate, Belfield, here.

Explore the Peale family at La Salle further by taking a trip to the University Art Museum! 4 members of the Peale family are represented in the impressive collection -- Charles Willson Peale, Rembrandt Peale, Mary Jane Peale and James Peale.

Also of interest to the Peale or Wister scholar could be our collection of materials about the HISTORY OF GERMANTOWN, including texts on historic Philadelphia, and many copies of the “Germantown Crier.”

Additionally, over 250 texts about THE ART OF THE JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY were collected in support of the traditional Japanese tea house that used to sit on the grounds of Belfield.

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