What Our Graduates Say

“The ADP was a supportive and motivating program that assisted me in reaching a long-awaited goal. Through the caring and expertise of the staff, I became more self-directed and self-disciplined, qualities which have been an asset in both my personal and professional life.”
—Dee Phillips, M.Ed., Reading Specialist for the Philadelphia School District

“The ADP was my helping hand at La Salle. Without the program, I would not have stayed in college. Thanks to the ADP staff, today I am a successful businessman with my own business.”
—Tom Brown, Owner, Advanced Business Systems

“The ADP enabled me to have a rewarding college career. Both the counseling and tutoring services give students an academic edge.”
—Cyd Gaskins, Accountant

“The ADP provided me with the encouragement and motivation to excel not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom.”
—Rafael Fernandez, Commutations Analyst, CIGNA