Summit Program

What is the Summit Program?

The Summit Program is a rigorous academic preparation program that provides structured support within a challenging academic setting to targeted first-year students. Most students struggle with the transition from high school to college, and this program provides additional resources and services to support that transition. Promising students are placed in the Summit Program by the Admissions Office because they have great potential for success at La Salle University, although their admissions files include references to one or more risk factors that indicate that they may be underprepared for the difficult transition from high school to college; common risk factors include some combination of low SAT/ACT scores, low grades in one or more subjects, or a low GPA.

The Summit staff provides faculty with an added layer of support as they work to educate and enrich the lives of every La Salle student.  In addition, the program provides a wealth of initiatives, programming, and support services that help the university live up to its Lasallian mission.

What does the Summit Program provide?

The Summit Program assists these promising students in making the difficult transition from high school to college by providing the following:

  • A challenging but supportive environment throughout the first year
  • One week of Academic Boot Camp before Freshman Orientation in August
  • Two foundation courses on academic discourse during the first year
  • Two hours per week of required academic support, which students can complete using any combination of nine different services
  • Intensive advising on academic progress and adjustment to college life
  • An early warning system designed to alert students to impending academic crisis and to allow the development of a recovery plan
  • Continued enrollment at the University conditional on academic progress

Who is placed into the Summit Program?

Summit Program students are first-year students with high potential for academic success, although their admissions files may show some combination of low SAT/ACT scores, low grades in one or more subjects, a low GPA, or one or more other academic risk factors. Summit students bring a diverse and enriching set of perspectives, experiences, and talents to the university community.

Why has La Salle made Summit students a priority?

La Salle University recognizes that SAT scores and GPAs do not provide a complete picture of a student’s potential.  In recognition of the limitations of the application process to identify talented students, La Salle has committed additional resources to ensure that promising students are afforded the opportunity to not only attend the university, but be as successful as possible.  La Salle takes its commitment to each of its students seriously and expects its students to make a similar commitment to their educational success