Academic Boot Camp

Summit Academic Boot Camp (SBC) is a week-long residential summer bridge program required of all students accepted to La Salle through the Summit Program. Successful completion of Academic Boot Camp is a condition of Summit students’ acceptance to La Salle University.

Academic Boot Camp is an intensive experience, unlike anything students have encountered before. Our days run from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Each day includes a variety of activities to prepare students for the transition to academic life at La Salle.

SBC offers students a unique opportunity to work in small groups with University faculty and staff who are dedicated to helping their students develop the range of skills needed to become successful La Salle University students.

We might start the day with a session on college professors’ expectations, then complete a learning styles assessment, followed by a discussion on the day’s assigned reading. Later, we might spend some time learning about educational options in Philadelphia neighborhoods, and finish the day with a documentary on charter schools. Most days will include at least one supervised work session, during which students will be expected to make progress on the short daily reading and writing assignments.

By the end of Academic Boot Camp, students will take a test on the common reading, complete a group project, and submit an online portfolio of several short writing assignments. These activities help students build academic skills and social connections, develop their awareness and understanding of a variety of campus resources, and encourage them to develop a strong support system that includes fellow students, University faculty, and professional staff.