What Students Say

On how La Salle eases the transition between high school and college:

  • “I believe that La Salle does a great job in helping ease the transition to college.  There are so many support services and activities to take advantage of.”
  • “La Salle couldn’t really help any more than it already has.  I learned about time management and other resources that help[ed] my transition.”

On Learning Instruction Workshops:

  • “It broke down what I needed to do.  I didn’t realize how much work I had until I saw it written on paper.”
  •  “It gave me steps to take for effective reading and studying.  This will put me on track.”
  •  “Definitely gave pointers to help me realize what I have to do to schedule my time”
  • “It made me realize what I have to do to get on track.”

On Subject Tutors:

  • “The tutor made it easier to retain the information.”
  • “She is a great tutor.  I benefited from her breaking down the subject matter for me to understand.”

On Supplemental Instruction (SI):

  • “Going over things for the second time with the SI gave me a better understanding of the topic.”
  • “I like how she prepared everyone for the test; she helped us study.”