Articulation Agreement with Reading Area Community College for Social Work

Terms of the Agreement:

Reading Area Community College (RACC) and La Salle University have created a Program-to-Program Transfer Agreement for RACC’s Associate of Arts Degree in Social Work into LaSalle’s BSW.

Responsibilities and Eligibility of the Student:

  1. Students will need to apply to La Salle before earning 45 credits at RACC. Once students apply, they will need to send an official copy of their transcript for La Salle’s evaluation.
  2. Students must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA to qualify for admission to La Salle’s Social Work program. Students who graduate with a GPA lower than La Salle’s requirement may be denied admission to the program.
  3. Students must graduate from RACC with their AA in Social Work to be eligible for this agreement. Students not earning their associate degree may still transfer to La Salle but not under the terms of this agreement.
  4. Under the terms of this Program-to-Program (P2P) agreement, RACC students of the AA in Social Work program are to follow the coursework outlined in the transfer guide (Appendix A) in order to be considered junior status in La Salle’s BSW program.
  5. In order to meet all requirements of La Salle’s BSW program, students must take one Religion and one Philosophy course if not already taken at RACC. All other CORE courses at La Salle will be fulfilled.
  6. This agreement stands for the full-time day program at the main campus, the evening and weekend program on the main campus, or the accelerated program at the Metroplex.
  7. Final official transcripts must be sent by the student as soon as the final semester is completed at Reading Area Community College.
  8. Students must complete at least half of their major courses at La Salle.

Transfer of Academic Credits:

  1. The information in this transfer guide (Appendix A) is subject to change; therefore, students are advised to meet with RACC Advisors for up-to-date information and to contact the Assistant Dean at La Salle for advisement on major requirements that can be taken at RACC.
  2. Following the transfer guide (Appendix A) does not guarantee the transfer of credit or admission to La Salle University.
  3. The maximum number of credits that a student may transfer to La Salle is 70 credits.
  4. Credits not outlined in this agreement are subject to La Salle’s transfer policies and procedures.
  5. If a student changes his/her La Salle Social Work program of study to one not detailed in this Agreement, La Salle transfer credit policies will apply and may result in the loss of credits previously approved under the Agreement.

La Salle Scholarships:

  1. Academic scholarships will be
  2. available to full-time day students only.
  3. La Salle also offers a Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship to any PTK member with a 3.5 GPA or higher.  Proof of membership is required in order to qualify for this scholarship and it is only offered to full-time day students as well.