Dual Admission: Just the Facts

La Salle has partnered with several local community colleges to offer dual admission:

Bucks County Community College

Camden County College

Community College of Philadelphia

Delaware County Community College

Harcum College

Manor College

Mercer County Community College

Montgomery County Community College

The Agreement

Students in a designated associate’s degree program will be admitted into a bachelor’s degree program at La Salle by meeting these conditions:

  • The dual admission form must be submitted before the completion of 45 college-level credits at the institution.
    • Required GPA for non-nursing students: 2.5 or better
    • Required GPA for nursing students: 3.0 or better with a 3.0 science GPA
  • Students must hold a “C” grade or better in all major courses to be transferred.
  • A personal statement and two letters of recommendation must be submitted for applicants to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.
  • An associate’s degree from the student’s current school must be completed.
  • All course requirements must be completed.

Dual admission forms must be accompanied by the student’s transcript for review. They can be found in the publications section on this Web site.

Updated transcripts should be received each semester after applying, including a final transcript upon graduation.

List of Qualifying Programs (not all majors listed qualify at every partner school)

Business Administration
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Culture, Science, and Technology
Information Technology
Liberal Arts
Public Health
Social Work


La Salle University has undergone a curriculum change for their nursing program in an effort to prepare graduates to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN ® exam and begin a nursing career as safe and competent practitioners.  The new curriculum changes will impact any student graduating with their designated AA degree in Spring 2017 and who expect to enter La Salle for the Fall 2017 term.  Students entering our program in Fall 2017 and later will now be required to complete an additional year in the nursing program in order to complete all of our degree requirements.  Students will spend a minimum of three years at La Salle in order to complete all of their degree requirements for the BSN rather than the previous two year requirement.

Any student who will be graduating with their Associate’s Degree in Spring 2016, thus beginning La Salle in Fall 2016, will still fall under our original guidelines and will graduate from La Salle within the two year timeframe (additional courses may be required to be taken during summer terms).