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Explorer’s Adventure Guide

Junior Year Timeline – Start here

The journey begins
Start your college search by researching school websites, watching videos, and following schools on social media. Read what each college sends you and don’t forget to review information on third party websites like The College Board.

Choose wisely with a guide
Work with your school counselor to choose your senior year courses with college in mind.  You may feel like taking a lighter load in your senior year, but don’t sacrifice your academics to have an easier senior year.  Colleges look closely at your courses and grades. Your counselor also knows a lot about colleges and the admission process.

Uncover your options
Attend a spring college fair either at your high school or a local community college. Use this time to ask questions about majors, extracurricular activities, and visit options.

Pass the test to discover your path
Take the SAT and/or the ACT. Your highest test scores will be the key to finding ideal colleges and scholarships for you. Most colleges give the same preference to both the SAT and the ACT standardized test. La Salle equally accepts both standardized tests and offers Test Flexible Application review for those who wish to opt out of sending scores!

Scout new territory
Plan a college visit in the spring or summer of your junior year to get a feel for what to expect of college life. There are a lot of visiting options for La Salle.  The La Salle University Office of Admission conducts daily tours of the campus at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.  We also host several Open House events in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Information about visiting La Salle can be found here.

Senior Year Timeline – You’ve made it to the next level!

It’s time to get serious
Have a short list of colleges you’re interested in ready to go by the start of your senior year. Contact your teachers, coaches, employers and parents and ask them for letters of recommendation.  Don’t forget to write your essay or personal statement. Review all application requirements as you prepare.

Take advantage of your resources
Attend Open House events at your preferred schools to see how you fit in with the campus community.  Our Admissions Office is your new best friend for any questions or information.   

Collect your coins
File your FAFSA early! It’s available as early as Oct. 1 and must be completed by Feb. 15. Our FAFSA code is 003287.

It’s time to apply
Get those applications complete! La Salle’s application is FREE and our Early Explorer deadline is Nov. 1.  If you apply to La Salle on or before this date you will find out your admission decision by early December.

Get competitive
Give yourself a competitive edge on the scholarships you want. Our Community Service Scholarship and Christian Brothers Scholarship applications are due on or before Jan. 15. Keep your eyes open for additional scholarship opportunities.

Weigh your options
Evaluate your acceptance letters and financial aid packages to determine which school is right for you. There is still time to shadow a current student and see what life is like inside the classroom. Attend an Early Explorer Day or Blue and Gold Accepted Student Day on La Salle’s campus to meet current students and get immersed in the community.

Make it official
Decide which college is the school for you. May 1 National Candidates Reply day and La Salle’s deadline for guaranteed housing and placement in the freshman class.  Submit your confirmation deposit and housing deposit to secure you place for the fall semester. Information on how to confirm your acceptance to La Salle University can be found in your acceptance packet

The real adventure begins
Go to College! All of your hard work has paid off.  Sit back, relax, and prepare for college.  Don’t miss out on La Salle’s new student orientation program, Explorientation.