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Expanded Partnership program with Manor College: Specialized Nursing 2+2

This transfer pathway allows students enrolled at Manor to take four courses at LaSalle during their second year there. Upon successful completion of the associate’s degree, students then transfer to La Salle and in two years earn their BSN, a program that normally takes three years to finish. The benefits of Dual Admission are also awarded to students who qualify for this program.

How it Works

  1.  Students fill out the Intent to Enroll form at the beginning of their program at Manor, indicating their interest in the Specialized Nursing Program.  A Manor College advisor will provide the form.
  2. At the end of the first year at Manor, students must possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 as well as a 3.0 science GPA.  They must also provide acceptable TEAS exam (58.7%) or SAT/ACT scores (SAT=1080) to progress in the La Salle program.
  3. All La Salle nursing (NUR) courses MUST be completed with at least a C+ or better in each course.  Students must maintaining a 2.75 La Salle GPA as well.  The Manor GPA must remain 3.0 or higher in order to progress in the program.
  4. During the second year at Manor, before the February 1st deadline, students must complete the free online Dual Admission application to La Salle’s Nursing program, selecting the Specialized Nursing Program option, and submit the required documents.

Manor students interested in this option can learn more here.