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The Alumni House at Peale House

La Salle University Dedicates Alumni House at Peale House

La Salle University Advancement and its Alumni Association announce the inauguration of the Alumni House at Peale House, serving as a welcoming place for alumni to visit, gather, and enjoy special events on campus. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 21, at 12:30 PM.

“I’m delighted that we are completing an on-campus Alumni House at what is currently known as Peale House—one of the most historic buildings on any college campus nationally. This treasure, dating back to 1755, will become the central meeting and gathering place for our alumni, a place where they can reconnect with their classmates, meet current students, and proudly tell and display alumni success stories,” said La Salle University President Colleen M. Hanycz. “Our alumni are a vital and important part of the Explorer community and history. Alumni House at Peale House—the only dedicated alumni building of its kind in Philadelphia— will welcome them back to campus warmly and graciously for generations to come.”

“The Alumni Board had been discussing an alumni house for many years, but ran into challenges with potential locations, the extensive costs of building a structure from scratch, and other logistical challenges,” said AmyLynn Flood, ’95, former President of the Alumni Association. “Peale House is the perfect opportunity for such a facility. It is a historical treasure that La Salle is fortunate enough to have as part of its campus. It has been part of the fabric of this University for decades and we are in a unique position to expand its use and visibility on campus.”

The Peale House stands just south of the Connelly Library on La Salle University’s Historic Belfield campus. Owned by American artist, scientist, and inventor Charles Willson Peale from 1810-1826, the house was then lived in by the Wister Family and their descendants until the University purchased it in 1984. The property was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1965, and until the opening of the Alumni House at Peale House, it housed the Office of the President.