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GlobalFit’s Gym Network

GlobalFit is the premier provider of healthy living products and services for over 20 years offering signature products and exclusive offers to fortune 1000 companies, insurance providers and strategic partners.

GlobalFit’s suite of healthy living products and services include:

  • The largest gym network in the industry including national chains like 24 Hour Fitness, Curves and Anytime and regional clubs like Philadelphia/Boston/NYC Sports Club, Crunch, CorssFit and Fuel.
  • Exclusive access to Jenny Craig, Mediterranean Wellness Program, Zumba®, Health Coaching, Exercise On-Demand and At-Home exercise equipment from Schwinn Fitness and Stairmaster®

GlobalFit’s program continues to expand with new programs like MyWellness360 offering members access to health education through our GO newsletter, fitness training tips, videos, webinars, podcast, playlist and Twitter chats featuring fitness, activity, and nutrition experts.

Eligible members will be solely responsible for any payments due with respect to their purchase of Benefits from GlobalFit. is not a guarantor, collector or administrator of such payments and shall under no circumstances be liable for such payments.

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