Andrew Albert, ‘15

Philadelphia, PA
Major: Communication
Branded Content Creator, Philadelphia Inquirer

What activities was the nominee involved with as a student?

Andrew was a member of the La Salle Collegian, La Salle TV, WEXP Radio, La Salle Ambassadors, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Club Tennis during his time at La Salle.

How has the nominee remained active as an alumnus?

He has remained active with Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni initiatives, as well as returning for Ambassador events and some basketball games (for both work and pleasure).

Why does the nominee want to run for the Alumni Board? 

“I believe La Salle is at a critical point in its history. The steps that President Hanycz has made in the last few years to move the university into the 21stcentury, operating wise, are admirable. I think I can help shape the campus and its initiatives for years to come by bringing a unique perspective on what it is like to be a recent student, while also having a 30,000-foot-view when necessary. I believe my communications and marketing background would be an overall asset to the organization in a time when image is everything.”

Please list any family members that attended La Salle.  N/A