Dr. Francine Adams, ’02, MSc, ’06, Ed. D.

Lake Worth, FL
Major: Computer Science
STEM Adjunct Professor/Team Lead; Principal for FAME Futures Millennium Corporation a firm she founded for curriculum design and course development

As a STEM Adjunct Professor, I have served as Suject Matter Expert for Introduction to Databases and Information Management and on the team which designed the curriculum for the Bachelor’s Degree in Data Analytics – Southern New Hampshire University.  Francine consults with corporations and non-profits for course development

What activities was the nominee involved with as a student?

I have been an advocate and benefitted from Career Services, which I have always highly recommended to my student peers. I have been a student and professional member of the Association for Computing Machinery and a student member of the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals who passed the Certified Business Intelligence Professional, an exam undergraduates typically cannot pass.  I was subsequently invited to help develop exam questions and eventually  served on the Exam Certification Council to develop full IT exams.  I attended La Salle Art Museum exhibits and recommended by AD Julie Valenti.

How has the nominee remained active as an alumnus?

For several years I volunteered with the La Salle Alumni Committee invited by Candy Hagamin.  I supported La Salle basketball games bringing all my children and their children.  I have attended La Salle Alumni meetups which were held on the west coast of Florida. As a professional, I founded *DAMA of South Florida and served as Board President. I served as VP of Education on the Board of DAMA Georgia.  I also volunteered for Communications Chair for the South Florida Diversity Council, and was invited to do a webinar on Academic Integrity.  As a volunteer for Women in Technology in Miami, I was a speaker and a panel member at Dillard High School and other schools in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  I was inducted into Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society, a society which Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein were also members.

Why does the nominee want to run for the Alumni Board?

“I was fortunate to be mentored by a great La Sallian, Joseph M. Tait, may he rest in peace. Joe Tait, as I knew him was a congenial colleague and friend from the day he hired me in my first IT job as an undergraduate through Career Services.  I have encountered La Salle alumni over the years who have reached back to give me a hand up.  I landed my first position as an Adjunct thanks to a recommendation by a La Sallian. I want to pay that forward and do my utmost to send and support students in the La Salle family for their best education. “

Please list any family members that attended La Salle.  Dominque Adams, Yinka Hollinger