Michael McNamara, ‘86

Germantown, NY
Major: Communication
Senior Manager, Media Relations for MassMutual

What activities was the nominee involved with as a student?

Sportswriter for La Salle Collegian (1986 Olney Award winner); WEXP Radio

How has the nominee remained active as an alumnus?

Over the past three years – and living more than 200 miles from campus – I’ve been actively reconnecting with La Salle on several levels, through alumni-sponsored functions and supporting the communications department and althletic programs. I hope to do even more as a member of the Board.

Why does the nominee want to run for the Alumni Board?

“As a graduate of La Salle, I have an obligation not only to help raise the profile and enhance the image of our school, but to also help ensure that the mission, purpose – and traditions – that have shaped LaSalle in its first 156 years, continue for the next century-and-a-half.

Further, living outside the Philadelphia region, this platform would enable me to even further advocate for La Salle, both as a destination for graduating high school students and extend the geographic footprint of the student body, and to attract top decision makers and influencers from outside the area to meaningfully take part in alumni/school activities.”

I owe a great deal to the outstanding teachers, wonderful classmates and trememdous experiences I had during my years at 20th& Olney. And because of that, I can think of no better way to give back to the La Salle community than by being an active, engaged participant on the La Salle Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Please list any family members that attended La Salle. I am the only member of my family who has attended La Salle.