Michael Shinn, ‘04

Nashville, TN
Major: Communication
Vice President, Operations, South Central AV

What activities was the nominee involved with as a student?

Alpha Chi Rho, Collegian, Explorers DJ

How has the nominee remained active as an alumnus?

Annual Giving, recruitment of numerous alum, Alpha Chi Rho fraternity group, Communication Department alumni group

I’ve consistently donated to the University since graduation, with this past year being the exception because I was relocating to Nashville.  I also was on the Communication Advisory Board for many years.

Why does the nominee want to run for the Alumni Board? 

“I was an active member of the La Salle community as an Undergrad, Faculty, and Staff member.  I still keep engaged and in touch with numerous alumni as well as faculty members.  I feel I could help promote the Alumni Board mission and encourage Alumni to not only take part, but give back to the University Advancement office.”

Please list any family members that attended La Salle. I am the only member of my family who has attended La Salle.