Rohan B. Brown, ‘15, MBA ‘16

Philadelphia, PA
Major: Communication and MBA in Finance
CEO of Barley Sober

What activities was the nominee involved with as a student?

Men’s Basketball Team; La Salle TV; Student Athlete Advisory Council; and Delta Sigma Pi

How has the nominee remained active as an alumnus?

Keynote speak for Delta Sigma Pi and close relations with the Athletic Department.

Why does the nominee want to run for the Alumni Board?

“My goal is to take what I’ve learned so far in my entrepreneurial journey and create strategic programs for students to be introduced to the tech industry. With tech being prevalent in most industries in today’s economy, it’s important for students to understand how it will impact their careers.  I want to give back to the La Salle community by using my technology and entrepreneurship skills to enhance the Board and encourage greater involvement by alumni to advance the University.”

Please list any family members that attended La Salle.  N/A