Melissa Glenn-Fleming, MA ‘01 - Board Member

Melissa Glenn-Fleming, MA ‘01                                               
Philadelphia, PA
Major:  Communication

Assistant ProfessorTemple Fox School of Business

Involvement as a student:  Master’s Student

Post Graduation Involvement:
I have solid experience proudly mentoring students and incoming faculty at Temple University, and I have taken advantage of teaching forums to fully observe and analyze the developments in higher education. I would not be successful as a Fox School of Business professor without the professional training that I received from La Salle. I now apply that preparation to elevate the practice of critical thinking and the art of persuasion for my students, my colleagues, and even to assist the school’s vice dean.

For La Salle, I have served on Communication Department Advisory Committee and volunteered to conduct mock student interviews.

Why would you like to serve on the Alumni Board?
“La Salle increased my desire to work in higher education by incorporating the value of giving back into its curriculum. Now with more than 10 years of educating all levels of students (graduate, undergraduate, executive MBA, returning adults), along with the diverse and evolving approaches to teaching, I still fall back on this model. My ultimate teaching goal is to inspire and empower responsible beings, as well as professionals, who will contribute to their field and to their community. This isn’t a popular or well promoted concept in most business schools, but it is a necessary signature of my work. My balance of creative and business communication allows me to offer students and the university a rich perspective on careers and variations of success.  I am compelled to return some of this value back to my La Salle home by demonstrating my expertise in strategic communication. To help strengthen the La Salle community, I will find the mutually beneficial messages to get from inspiration to outcome. And I expect to extend this support no matter the results of the selection process, but I hope to have an opportunity to commit my full support as a member of the Alumni Board.”

Melissa’s current term expires in 2020.