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African American Alumni Association

Dearest Explorers,

Welcome to the African American Alumni Association’s home on the La Salle website! My name is Aaron Spence and I’m proud to serve as your president during this amazing time at La Salle.

Quad A, as we’re affectionately known, is spending the 2018-2019 academic year celebrating something that most other institutions can’t: 50 years of black student leadership on campus.

Because of the efforts of many, we’ve made it to this point. Many student organizations, Divine Nine Greek letter organizations, ad hoc committees, and individuals carried us along and are worthy of being celebrated. We would not exist without them and this year is meant to honor them. We have a number of activities planned and I look forward to seeing you at all of them!

To receive updates from Quad A and exclusive information about our events, please update your information.

Our Executive Board is made up of amazing alumni who feel called to serve and are blazing a trail and ushering in this new era within our organization. We are here to serve you. Want to get you more engaged and active on campus.

From all of our alumni, we are seeking three things:

  • Engagement – Want you to find a way to be present and involved with La Salle and our student body. For the first time, more than 50% of the incoming class identify as students of color and they need our support and guidance more than ever.
  • Voice – Without your ideas guiding us, we will fail. We need you to speak up and share with us your goals, wishes, and aspirations for this group. Together we can build, but apart we will fail.
  • Fellowship – Not everything has to be about work, which is why we’re going to start launching programs around the country to get together and learn about our extended Quad A family. More details are to come.

On behalf of the association, thank you for visiting and I look forward to working with you for the success of our students and our beloved alma.

With the pride of Explorers,

Aaron Spence, ’07