Alumni Career Volunteers

Alumni career volunteers help fellow Explorers, both students and alumni, develop their careers through events and programs such as mock interviews, resume reviews, job shadows, mentoring, and career discussions:

  • Sponsor internships or co-ops for students
  • Post job openings for students and/or experienced professionals
  • Represent your company at La Salle’s Fall Career Expo and/or Spring Job Fair and/or on-campus interviewing
  • Contribute to La Salle’s Center for Entrepreneurship by speaking in a class, hosting a workshop, mentoring students, or getting involved in major projects – contact Steve Melick, Executive Director
  • Participate in the School of Business Bankers’ Day (executives teams assess the business plans of undergraduate students enrolled in BUS 100: Business Perspectives, and decide on financing, including loans and interest rates) – contact Kristin Wentzel
  • Speak at Executives on Campus (nearly 100 corporate executives, mostly La Salle alumni, visit undergraduate classes in the School of Business and speak about career paths, industry highlights, and current business trends) – contact
  • Attend academic department networking events  (Information Technology, Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Political Science, Communications, etc.)
  • Conduct mock interviews, speak about your career at a Career Circles event, and/or offer to have a student visit your workplace in our job shadow program – contact Debra Franke
  • Present in the La Salle Alumni Career Programs Webinar Series – contact Debra Franke
  • Plan and/or sponsor an alumni networking event – contact Debra Franke
  • Attend an alumni event to meet, reconnect with, and build relationships with fellow Explorers

Make it easy for others to contact you for career advice:

To learn more about Alumni Career Programs, contact Debra Franke.