Business Cards

Everyone needs to have a business card.  You don’t want to meet someone and have them ask you for your card, and end up writing your information on a napkin or scrap of paper.

But what if you’re not currently employed?  What do you put on your business card?  See some samples below.

If you don’t want to pay for a boxful of business cards, consider using laser business cards you run through your printer.  You can print ten or twenty at a time.  An added advantage is that you can easily change the information on your card and/or the layout at any time.

Feel free to contact Debra Franke at 215-991-3582 or to discuss ideas for your business card.

Sample Business Cards

At a minimum, include your name and contact information:

Consider including a short statement of your field and/or the value you bring:

Here’s an example from an alum who is seeking a new position:

If you are changing careers, use your business card to highlight some of your qualifications for your new career.  This example is from an alum who has written two books in his desired field, and contributes to a blog that relates to his new career.  It also demonstrates how you can use the back of the card to provide additional information.

And here’s a different take on the business card. You can add additional information on the other side.

Here’s another one from an alum.  He’s retired from paid employment, but not retired from being active, meeting people, and making connections.

There’s a business card for everyone!