Jobscan – Skills and Keywords

Jobscan is an online tool that will analyze how well your resume matches a job description in two seconds.

Due to rising competition in today’s job market, 90% of companies* (larger than 1,000 employees) use Application Tracking Systems in order to help them search for qualified candidates from a large pool of applicants. ATS help employers by analyzing applicants’ resumes and identifying those whose content match given sets of keywords.

The Jobscan tool aims to better equip job seekers by analyzing job descriptions and helping applicants easily identify what skills and keywords are most important to a given employer. By ranking the most important and most frequently-occurring keywords per job description, this tool can help give applicants a competitive edge in their job search efforts.

I (Debra Franke) tried Jobscan.  I entered my resume and a job description.   The results would definitely help me improve my resume to contain more of the skills and keywords.  However, the applicant needs to use judgment in deciding which of the suggested changes are warranted.  For example, the skill “programming” showed up nine times in the job description, and zero times in my resume.  If I were applying online for this position, I would definitely add some bullets, or rewrite existing ones, to include that skill.  On the other hand, Jobscan indicated the word “various” showed up in the job description three times, but not in my resume.  I would review the job description to see how the word “various” is used in the job description before I would make the effort to include it in my resume.

Why don’t you try it yourself… go to  NOTE: I advise unclicking the “Make my resume searchable to recruiters” box at the bottom, unless you want your resume out in cyberspace without any control over it.