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Stay Connected to La Salle!

We’ll meet you where you are.

Regional alumni programs are an important part of the La Salle University Alumni Association. Around the country and around the world, our alumni are working together to stay connected to La Salle.

La Salle offers many events each year (both in-person and virtual) including pre-game basketball receptions, networking opportunities, speaker series, community service and volunteer programs, social and family gatherings, tours of interesting venues and more. Check out our calendar of events to learn more.

How to Get Involved

All alumni are invited and encouraged to get involved!  Attend an event, get involved with the leadership group, become an alumni volunteer.  If you don’t see your area listed, or for more information, contact the Office for Alumni Engagement at 215-951-1535 or email

Baltimore, MD

“Coming to La Salle from Maryland, I didn’t know whether I would find too many fellow Orioles fans on campus.  As it turns out, the Baltimore area not only provides a steady crop of students that enroll, we also have a significant pool of awesome alumni that find themselves here after graduation and beyond!  La Salle is a place that is hard to leave behind, and the alumni club offers a way for those who live between Philadelphia and D.C. to remain engaged with a community that means so much to us.  From organizing social events and supporting recruitment efforts to reaching out to accepted students and spending our time serving others, the club is an outlet for alumni to continue to carry out the Lasallian mission.  We are always interested in new ideas and hope to see you at one of our events!” – Patrick Terranova, ‘11

BucksMont, PA

“Upon graduating from the MBA program in ‘99, I learned there were thousands of alums living and working in Bucks County and I wanted to try and connect with other alumni through various events. I reached out to La Salle to see how I could get involved and the alumni staff was instantly receptive to all of my ideas and immediately welcomed me with open arms. It was such a positive experience to learn that La Salle “gets it”. The alumni regional clubs understand the importance of staying connected and their goal is to simply foster an environment and community allowing alumni to help and connect with one another. I am constantly seeing new faces at events and meeting new people and it is nice to know we can shake hands already having the La Salle connection.” – Jamie Debuque, ’99 MBA

Chester County, PA

“My husband, Dan, and I joined the La Salle Chester County Alumni group for a couple reasons. While we didn’t actually meet each other while at La Salle, we both have fond memories of the La Salle community and the many events and celebrations we enjoyed in those years. It’s fun to sit down with fellow alums, talk about those times, compare notes, and learn about fellow students we may not have seen for years.

We also have a desire to give back to a community that helped form our lives, our beliefs and our characters. By spreading the word of La Salle, interviewing prospective students, mentoring young La Salle students, we share part of that community with another generation of young people. To be able to provide guidance, answer career questions and point someone in a direction is very rewarding – at any age.

Most of us only get back to campus for milestone reunions. Once we joined the Chester County Alumni group, the campus again became a part of our life, and you know what – it still feels like home.” – Nancy Maguire, ‘75

New York, NY

“I decided to take a leadership role in the La Salle’s NYC alumni club to help bring individuals together to foster a Lasallian community through a stronger professional network and helping current students explore career opportunities in New York. We have engaged alumni through various Basketball watch parties, sporting events, and wine tastings and continue to seek ways to bring alumni across generations together.” – Dino Dedic, ‘06

Southern New Jersey

“We’re in that zone of ‘so close, yet so far’ from the main campus that we’re often overlooked, yet there are so many La Salle alums in the surrounding region. I’ve often read with envy reports of alumni gatherings in cities such as DC, Chicago, and Boston. I’d think to myself ‘Why can’t we do that?’ The answer is that we can.

The range of graduating classes attending our functions has included each of the last seven decades, so we have a very diverse group. Our programming goal is to offer something for everyone throughout the year by helping to engage your mind through business breakfasts, promote your school spirit by organizing La Salle basketball watch parties, and provide opportunities to network with fellow alums. We want our alums to remain proud of their La Salle experience and help them stay connected with the university and each other.” – Jeff Meyers, ‘93

Washington, D.C.

“Being involved with the D.C. alumni group has helped me stay connected with La Salle and support the university. There are so many opportunities to get involved – cheering on the Explorers at watch parties or games, planning and attending awards ceremonies, rooting for the Phillies against the Nationals. These opportunities and many more provide time to connect with fellow alumni, reminisce about good times on campus, and help support La Salle’s bright future.”

Alumni Programs


Behind the Brew

The La Salle University Alumni Association invites you to the Behind the Brew event series, which includes must-attend events for beer aficionados and casual consumers of craft beer. It will feature brewery tours, an in-depth look at the brewing process, and, of course, a generous sample of the final product!

Brewing a quality craft beer requires a unique blend of science, creativity, and experimentation. The craft beer scene in and around the Philadelphia area has been active for more than 100 years, and the region is home to many craft breweries that consistently win awards from international and domestic beer festivals and competitions. Now you can go behind the scenes while sampling the local brews. Cheers!

Behind the Vine

You don’t have to travel to Napa to explore wine country—the Greater Philadelphia area has plenty of award-winning wineries ripe for exploring! Whether you’re a novice or wine connoisseur, you won’t want to miss La Salle University Alumni Association’s new Behind the Vine series.

The series features vineyard and winery tours, an in-depth look at the winemaking process, and, of course, samples of the final product. The Philadelphia region hosts some of the largest wineries in the state and offers ideal conditions for winemaking.

Visit Philly recently noted, “The temperate climate, combined with gently rolling hills and large bodies of water, make for warmer soil that nurtures a long growing season. The soil itself is flecked with limestone and gravel—qualities that enhance the fertility of a wide range of grapes.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to go “Behind the Vine” and sample local, award-winning wine. Cheers!