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Tom Ryan, ’02 – Chief of Police, Woodbury City Police Department

Numerous Explorers across all networks have shaped their career by living out service rooted in faith to move society forward.  A shining example of this is Thomas Ryan, ’02, Chief of  Police in the Woodbury City Police Department.  Since becoming Chief of Police in 2015, Ryan has become a role model for the modern law enforcement official.

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Gina DeGiovanni, ’02
I graduated in 2002 with a degree in Public Relations and Mass media writing, as well as a double minor in English and History. After graduation, I took a job at a law firm, as an office manager. I took a job in the building of a PR firm that I knew I wanted to work at, and it is always easier to get a job while you have one. So I spent a year managing a law office, as I applied for a job at the PR firm, The Star Group, which was the only female run advertising agency in the city.
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Sandra Garby, MBA '91 - President, Vizinex RFID

Sandra Garby, MBA ’91 – President, Vizinex RFID
Sandra Garby, MBA ’91, is the epitome of growth through a Lasallian education.  Sandra, the President and VP of Operations at Vizinex RFID, began her education at La Salle in the MBA program following a career in  ceramic engineering.  Unbeknownst to Sandra at the time, her Lasallian journey would establish her as a leader in her industry.
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Trans “RJ” Olpindo Lualhati, ’16
“I could say without a doubt the most rewarding part of my job is that I personally know that my designs, and my contributions within medicine and 3d printing are helping millions of people who get our implants everyday to live their lives as they once did before sustaining their injury. It is so satisfying to know that my interest in 3D printing would turn into a dream job I never knew that I would get.”
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