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May 5 Message from Alumni Association President

La Salle Alumni–Rise Up!

Bruce Springsteen’s 2002 response to the terrorist attacks of 911, “The Rising” album served as a tribute to America’s resilience and called upon Americans to band together and overcome universal hardships and challenges.

Songs from his album apply to the circumstances we face today, during this current pandemic.

As we face another month of social distancing (Lonesome Day), overstretched caregivers and resources (Countin’ on a Miracle), and way too many rainy days (Waitin’ on a Sunny Day), we truly need each other and a vision for resolution (The Rising) and return to normalcy to get us all through this.

It is music like this that speaks to us and takes on new meaning when faced with the tangible and intangible adversities such as Covid-19 .  It also helps us connect and unite in a common good.  Take a listen.

Our La Salle Alumni Association community also unites us during this challenging time through a series of Virtual Engagement opportunities If you had the opportunity to join me (and over 50 alumni) on April 16th for our first virtual webinar, “The 15 Minute Master,” you were moved, inspired and mentored on how to deal with seemingly overwhelming challenges.  Many thanks to Mary Fran Bontempo, ’81, award-winning 2-time TEDx speaker, author, humorist and podcast host for the candid sharing of her personal challenge that was the impetus for this coping methodology.    Also thanks to Kathy Wolper ’78, founder of Kitchen Wizards for her family-quarantine-conquering “Kids and the Kitchen: A Recipe for Success!”  This live cooking class focused on getting your kids engaged, inspired and focused on teamwork.

Below are some other upcoming events and opportunities to stay connected and engaged:

Check out all these great events and connections by visiting the Alumni Association website.  Even better, share your talent, your story or your expertise with the rest of us by leading a future webinar or simply suggest a topic you’d like to learn about by contacting the Alumni Association.

So come on, “Rise Up” with me and make the most of these social isolation days.  Brighter days are ahead when we come together as one community.

Loving life when I’m virtually connected and building bigger circles, tighter connections and greater engagement. 

Mike Hallowell, ’86 
La Salle Alumni Association President