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Welcome to the LADDER Family Center!

Note: Our website is currently under construction. Stay tuned for news and updates regarding the services we provide.

LADDER stands for La Salle Autism and Developmental Disabilities Education Resources. The LADDER Family Center offers a unique opportunity to combine educational, community outreach, and clinical services for families and children dealing with Autism or other Developmental Disabilities.

Our Mission

The mission of the LADDER Family Center is to positively enhance the quality of life for children and their families who are dealing with challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorder or another Developmental Disability. Families are embraced as partners in the process of addressing these challenges to provide a unique, coordinated, and multidisciplinary experience to create positive expectations, actions, and solutions.

About the Center

The LADDER Family Center is located on the West Campus of La Salle University. The center is the result of an interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff of La Salle University who worked collaboratively to provide an array of courses, programs, services, and partnerships that will lead to superior services for the families of children with special needs. The center also provides a wonderful learning experience for La Salle students to implement best practices in a real world setting.

The LADDER Family Center is mainly supported by La Salle University, the Widener Memorial Foundation, and other private grants and donors. We thank our supporters immensely because they are the reason that we continue to be able to provide outstanding services and programs to families in need.

If you or your company wish to become supporters of the LADDER Family Center, please email us at LADDER@lasalle.edu

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