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La Salle University Nursing Professor Earl Goldberg Receives the Courage, Commitment and Compassion Award from the Pennsylvania State Nursing Association

January 9, 2012

La Salle University Nursing Professor Earl Goldberg recently received the Courage, Commitment and Compassion Award from the Pennsylvania State Nursing Association (PSNA) for his career than includes treating military personnel and prisoners of war and providing services for the aged.

“Dr. Goldberg has touched many lives through his exceptional display of professionalism and care,” said PSNA Chief Executive Office Betsy Snook, MEd, BSN, R.N.  “He is a nurse who championed the needs of men and women in our military, caring for both their physical and mental injuries.  His unwavering commitment to the profession inspires him to explore the next hurdle of health care needs – social gerontology.  His groundbreaking evidence-based practice research spans the spectrum of controlling chronic pain in the elderly, elder abuse, and meeting the challenge of elder mistreatment.”

A 1983 graduate of La Salle, Goldberg said, “I was honored that my peers appreciated my teaching and service.”
A specialist in nursing psychiatric care, Goldberg was an army reservist from 1983-2004 and provided counseling to both U.S. soldiers and Iraqi prisoners at the front lines during the first Gulf War at a 400-bed hospital near a prisoner-of-war compound.

After 16 years in the reserves, Goldberg was asked to substitute teach a nursing course at a community college and liked it so much he decided to become a teacher. Gradually, he saw a need for elder mental health care and began researching issues related to that field.

A popular teacher whose classes are always filled, Goldberg has taught nursing classes dealing in psychiatric care, family care, social gerontology, geropsychology pharmacology, and nursing administration.

“Earl’s recognition is a well-deserved honor. He is always willing to contribute his expertise to patients, families, clinicians, and faculty colleagues,” said Zane Robinson Wolf, Dean of theSchool of Nursing and Health Sciences at La Salle.

Before the war, Goldberg worked in mental health care at hospitals, where he oversaw locked and unlocked units, and supervised nurses and therapists.



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