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The Economist Ranks La Salle University Among Top 100 in the U.S. for Value

November 4, 2015


La Salle University has been ranked among the top 100 universities in the United States for value, according to The Economist.

In its inaugural undergraduate college ranking, The Economist demonstrated the economic value of a college by comparing the difference between how much money its alumni earn versus how much they might have earned had they received their degree elsewhere. Simply, The Economist’s rankings estimate which schools realistically boost the salaries of its graduates.

To determine the actual impact a college has on its graduates’ expected earnings, The Economist used regression analysis to measure numerous variables, including SAT scores, school size, whether a school is public or private, and the mix of available subject areas. The median earnings among La Salle undergraduate alumni amount to $52,300, which is $5,136 more than their expected earnings of $48,064, had they earned their degree at another institution. The additional savings impact of $5,136 puts La Salle in the top eight percent in the country.

For its rankings, The Economist also supplemented its data with the recently released U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard, which ranked La Salle 18th for return on investment among all Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey colleges and universities. This ranking was determined by comparing a school’s tuition rate to an alum’s income 10 years after graduation.

“We are pleased to once again have La Salle recognized as a top university in the country for value,” said Colleen Hanycz, Ph.D., President of La Salle University. “While we believe our graduates’ individual success is defined by more than median salaries, this ranking reaffirms that our graduates are sought after for progressive high-paying positions.”

The Economist is the latest organization to recognize La Salle for value. Recently, Money magazine gave La Salle an “A for Value Added to a Degree.” Earlier this year, the Brookings Institute ranked La Salle in the top five percent of four-year colleges and universities in the nation based on expected salaries for its alumni at the mid-career level. La Salle graduates exceed their expected income by more than 25 percent.

The Economist’s complete list can be viewed here.



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