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May 7, 2019

Assistant Professor Jamille Nagtalon-Ramos, Ed.D., MSN, WHNP, IBCLC, named Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

In recognition of her unwavering dedication to the advancement of nurse practitioners, Jamille Nagtalon-Ramos, Ed.D., MSN, WHNP, IBCLC, Assistant Professor of Nursing in La Salle University’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences, was selected to become a Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP).

According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), “FAANP members are visionaries committed to the development of imaginative and creative future nurse practitioner leaders.” The purpose of the FAANP is to work collaboratively with other recognized nurse practitioners to impact national and global health. The program serves as a platform for Fellows to mentor and to facilitate leadership development of nurse practitioners.

Invitation to apply is extended to nurse practitioners who have demonstrated exceptional contributions; proven significance and scope of influence; shown continuing commitment and leadership in two main focus areas of clinical practice, education, policy, or research; and shown potential for contributing to the mission of the AANP and to FAANP initiatives.

”I’m blown away and I’m very grateful,” said Nagtalon-Ramos. “This is the culmination of everything I’ve worked so hard for in my career.”

Nagtalon-Ramos received her BSN from Rutgers University, and her MSN and Ed.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. As a board-certified women’s health nurse practitioner, Nagtalon-Ramos was instrumental in pioneering the first inpatient nurse practitioner role in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pa., back in 2003. The new role helped create a pipeline for advance practice providers. She continues to practice clinically in this role and enjoys being part of nursing and OBGYN resident education. In the Fall of 2018, she joined La Salle University’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences faculty as an Assistant Professor of Nursing.

Nagtalon-Ramos specializes in three areas of expertise—women’s health, higher education management, and Filipino American nursing issues. As a third-generation nurse, she was inspired by the nurses who have come before her and have paved the way for her to pursue her career and her doctorate. “For the amount of Filipino nurses who work in nursing across hospitals and clinics across the United States, I wondered why we are not reflected in leadership positions in academia and in health systems. I wanted to find out the reasons for the gap and what we can do to fill that gap. This was the impetus for my dissertation.”

She has authored three women’s health books that have sold more than 12,000 copies; one of which received 3rd Place in the American Journal of Nursing’s Book of the Year Awards.  She is a sought out speaker who has presented locally, nationally, and internationally. Nagtalon-Ramos has dedicated much of her career to the advancement of women’s health and the support and representation of Filipino American nurses. She says, “I am motivated by providing the best care for my patients and building a robust pipeline of advanced practice leaders.”