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June 30, 2020

School of Business grads, interns adding up for the Philadelphia Eagles

Gregory Krug, Nina Magnotta, ’21, a member of La Salle’s Business Scholars Co-Op Program who worked as an Eagles intern last year, and Andrea Sorli at Lincoln Financial Field.
from left to right: Gregory Krug, ’16, Nina Magnotta, ’21, a member of La Salle’s Business Scholars Co-Op Program who worked as an Eagles intern last year, and Andrea Sorli, ’11 at Lincoln Financial Field.

Every professional sports organization relies on a pipeline of talent to ensure sustainable success. That applies to the team on the field, and the one managing the franchise’s off-field operations.

In the accounting department of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, two graduates of La Salle University’s School of Business credit the program for putting them in position for professional success. Andrea Sorli, ’11, was promoted in April from accounting manager to controller, and Gregory Krug, ’16, serves as a financial analyst for the team.

Andrea SorliSorli, originally from Clarksboro, N.J., has been hiring La Salle interns since 2014 to work in the accounting department, where they get hands-on experience working on the financial side of Philadelphia’s most-recent championship sports franchise.

“I truly believe that being a part of the Business Scholars Co-Op Program is a big reason why I hold the position that I do today,” said Sorli, who interned with the Eagles and later was hired as a staff accountant after she graduated. “A lot of what I learned at La Salle transpired into the work I did as an intern, and that helped me to earn a full-time position. I was able to continue to build upon all the experience I got from the internships I held while I was in college.”

Greg KrugKrug, who hails from Herndon, Va., agreed. After graduating from La Salle’s BS-MBA program, he spent two years as a senior audit associate with Big 4 accounting firm KPMG before joining the football franchise in 2018 as an accountant.

“The MBA classes have helped me enter conversations maybe a 26-year-old wouldn’t necessarily be in in a normal business world,” said Krug. “I am in important conversations about sponsors and retail revenue. Hopefully my work is allowing me to get in these conversations, but I do think how you prepared yourself before the job is the reason why you’re there. La Salle is a huge part of that.”

The connections Krug established through the School of Business are also a huge part of how he landed with the Eagles. Holding on to his dream of working in sports, he reached out to Penelope Grob, director of the Business Scholars Co-Op Program. Krug described Grob as a “second mom” during his time at La Salle. She connected Krug with a fellow La Salle graduate—Sorli, who was looking to hire an accountant in her department. Several interviews later, Krug got the job.

Greg Krug at Philadelphia Eagles game in Jacksonville, Fl.While Krug never envisioned having the opportunity to work in the accounting department of a professional sports team, he’s relishing every new experience two years into his role with the Eagles. And those experiences have ranged from settling merchandise sales at 4 a.m. after a Rolling Stones concert at Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles’ home stadium, to helping the Eagles establish a retail presence at the annual pop-up Christmas Village in Center City.

“I had always thought growing up, I’d be getting into the players’ side of the game,” said Krug, “but now that I’m on the business side, I love it way more than I could have ever thought. There are so many aspects throughout the business process to help make the team successful on the field.”

La Salle’s connections with the Eagles don’t end with Sorli and Krug. Nina Magnotta, ’21, a member of La Salle’s Business Scholars Co-Op Program, held an internship in the Eagles’ accounting department last year and Julia Horton, ’22, worked this year as an intern with the Eagles.

“A big portion of the work that the interns help with is on the payables processing side,” Sorli said.  “They also help with daily cash postings and tying bank balances to book balances. They perform monthly bank reconciliations for multiple checking accounts. During the football season and the summer event season, they are responsible for assisting our other department members with preparing cash banks for the retail registers and 50/50 raffles for the event. Following the game or the event, they also assist our whole group with counting and reconciling all cash, which is sometimes a very late-night job.”

Kristin Wentzel, Ph.D., chair and associate professor in the accounting department, said a strength of La Salle’s accounting program is its alumni network, citing the connection between Sorli and Krug and the consistent presence of La Salle interns in the Eagles accounting department.

Andrea Sorli with her husband, Kevin Sorli, Director of Ticket Operations for the Eagles.
Andrea Sorli (right) with her husband,
Kevin Sorli, Director of Ticket
Operations for the Eagles.

“Andrea and Greg are prime, but not unusual, examples of the dedication and commitment of our alumni to La Salle students,” said Wentzel. “They also demonstrate the strength of a La Salle education in accounting. Our student interns and our graduates perform well in the field which is why our alumni keep coming back to hire our students year after year.”

A lifelong Eagles fan, Sorli refers to her role with the team as a dream job.

“Jobs with sports teams tend to be few and far between, in all honesty,” said Sorli. “I would encourage students to get a full understanding of accounting, marketing, or management information systems—or whatever degree you are striving to obtain. The knowledge you will gain from completing your degree will always be the most important component in propelling your degree forward in the business world and in any industry.”

—Patrick Berkery