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September 4, 2020

La Salle Votes: How to participate in the 2020 election

La Salle Votes

Now is the time for members of the La Salle community to get informed and get involved.

With Election Day (Nov. 3) rapidly approaching, now is the time for members of the La Salle University community to start planning how they can participate.

La Salle students have a reputation for voter participation. In the 2018 midterm elections, La Salle students voted at a rate of 41.4 percent — exceeding the national average for other universities.

Others have noticed La Salle’s commitment to Election Day participation. La Salle has been honored by NASPA and the Campus Vote Project as a voter-friendly campus, and the All-In Democracy Challenge has given the University a Gold Seal for exceptional student-voting rates.

Below are resources to help La Salle students, employees, and Christian Brothers participate on Election Day. You can also find resources and information by following La Salle Votes! on Instagram and Twitter, and by using the #LaSalleVotes hashtag on each platform. (A helpful reminder: While the United States Postal Service is experiencing delays, it’s best to send your mail-in or absentee ballots as soon as possible.)

Whether located just minutes (or many miles) away from where you are registered to vote, or even if you aren’t yet registered to vote, there’s still time to get informed and get involved.

Here’s how:

For Pennsylvania residents


For New Jersey residents


For Delaware residents


For Maryland residents


For New York residents


For Connecticut residents


Additional resources

—Patrick Berkery