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Professor DiPietro teaching Sales lab students

Our sales curriculum consists of courses in Personal Selling, Sales Management, Business to Business (B2B) Marketing and Advanced Sales/CRM. Except for B2B Marketing, all sales classes are capped at no more than 20 students per section.

Students who meet the certification requirements of the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA) are eligible for a USCA sales certificate when they graduate. This certification is open to all majors.

To qualify for the USCA certificate, students must complete three sales-dedicated courses (including Personal Selling, MKT 301) and a list of pre-approved sales-related experiences ranging from competing in a sales competition to completing a sales internship. Detailed requirements are available from Professor DiPietro.

Current Sales Courses:

MKT 301: Personal Selling

Examines the importance and practice of professional, consultative selling in business-to-business relationships. Students learn and practice interpersonal problem-solving communication skills in sales roleplays. Students learn how to respond to different buyer types, to develop benefit-based sales presentations, and to engage in ethical selling practices. Every student in the course compete in our internal sales competition with executives judging and acting as buyers.

MKT 303: Sales Management

Students are introduced to the activities of a sales manager in directing and controlling a sales force; recruiting, selecting, training, compensating, motivating, and supervising sales personnel; establishment of sales territories, quotas, and budgets.  Students analyze cases with real world sales/management issues and are required to design and implement solutions.  In this class, students get certified by in Salesforce Sales Management training.

MKT 304: Business To Business Marketing

A study of business activities involved in the marketing of products and services to organizations (i.e., commercial enterprises, non-profit institutions, government agencies, and resellers). Emphasis also is on organizational and interfunctional interaction, buyer behavior, global interdependence and competition, and negotiation.

MKT 374: Advanced Sales and CRM

This class examines the complex sale.  Studying the complexity of dealing with large customers, different stakeholders, multiple decision makers, varying value propositions, ROI’s, the complex decision-making process and political power.  Role-plays are used to study the commitment to achieving objectives in each stage during a complex sales process.  In this class, students get certified by in Salesforce Sales Rep training.